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Custom designed Stair lifts Los Angeles CA help people to find affordable mobility solutions whenever they need it.

Acme Home Elevators

​Los Angeles is the second largest city of U.S. and the entire world is mesmerized with warm climate, beautiful vistas and the recreational and cultural opportunities. To the rest of the world, while Los Angeles is only known for Hollywood, the city means lot more to the local residents of the place. With so many visitors flocking in LA every year, it gets difficult to find the perfect home that suits all the needs and within the budget as well. And especially when mobility issues creep in, there are high chances for the entire enjoyment to get hindered. While the people face in moving up and down the stairs, Acme Home Elevators bring in affordable and effective solutions for them. They not just sell, but even install and service the stair lift Los Angeles CA ensuring to cater to all the specific needs of their clients.

One of the company's spokesperson says, 'The track record of Acme Home Elevators says a lot for them. Since 1987, the year they have been in business, installers at Acme Home Elevators have never come across a stair where they couldn't install a lift. They can run on either side of the stairs, and have the ability to take both the inside or outside curve to maneuver through the landings. They have manufactured models keeping all sorts of possible conditions in mind. Their chairlift Sacramento CA has been weatherized in such a way that they have the stamina to protect against the elements. They currently sits on the ASME A17.1 committee for Private Residence Elevators and are even the founding member of the ASME A18.1 committee for Stairway Lifts and Platform Lifts.'

There are several companies that offer chairlift equipment, residential elevators, and platform lifts to Sacramento and the surrounding communities, but they ensure that it will be very hard for their clients to find a provider with the same experience, resources, and dedicated long term staff as that of Acme Home Elevator. For any kind of mobility solutions, they're definitely the name to refer to.

About the Company: Founded in 1987 by Terry Pope, the Acme Home Elevators has been working in the commercial elevator industry for more than 17 years and over the years they've realized the growing need of a quality company that could provide stair lifts and home elevators. Being a family run business, they've been successfully serving throughout California and Nevada.

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Acme Home Elevator: Serving California & Nevada Residential Elevators, Stairlifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Stair & Chair Lifts, and More.

Acme Home Elevators

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