Industry Disruptor Colorcast Joins Sportradar's Acceleradar Program

Colorcast, the audio commentary and watch party platform, today announced that it has been accepted into Sportradar’s Acceleradar Program, which will help it revolutionize the live sports viewing experience for consumers. Sportradar’s respected data and mentorship program will guide Colorcast throughout its launch as the audio platform disrupts the sports media industry.

Colorcast shatters the norm of outdated, legacy sports media by allowing anyone and everyone to share their comments, criticisms or unbridled enthusiasm, adding a refreshing twist to any live sporting event. Colorcast allows casters to seamlessly find any event and instantly broadcast live commentary or hot takes on live sports -- totally unfiltered and in real time.  Colorcast CEO Evan Kirkham claimed, "This partnership is the key to unlocking entirely new feature sets and offering casters the most premium data and technology in the market.”

Hue Jackson, Jamal Anderson, Perez Hilton and dozens of other public figures and super fans have all chimed in -- with Colorcast “live sports will never be the same.”  Now, with the help of Sportradar’s Acceleradar Program, Colorcast will provide the most engaging experience for casters to create and for listeners to devour unique, live audio commentary to any televised event.

About Colorcast: Colorcast is the world's first audio-only sports broadcasting platform that allows listeners to supplement their audio experience and allows casters to connect with fans across the globe. Simply turn on the TV, open Colorcast, and start casting -- just bring your voice and your opinions.

Evan Kirkham
​Co-Founder, CEO

Source: Colorcast, Inc.


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