Industrial Advocate Releases New Book 'Take Back Manufacturing'

An Imperative for Western Economies

This new book provides a justification and detailed guide for the reshoring of our Western industries, and has been written for all Western citizens, industry leaders and their governments to understand that Take Back Manufacturing is an imperative for the Western economies to ensure future productivity and prosperity.

It takes the reader through the history of manufacturing and explains in detail with a lot of facts, graphs, and diagrams how changes in economic principles promoted a globalized manufacturing approach that enabled the "hollowing out" of most Western nations' industrial base, resulting in the loss of national productivity and prosperity and the significant negative impact on its citizens. 

The author explains how future changes in geopolitics and increasing cost and instability of long supply chains will encourage Western economies to move back to more localized trade blocs, and why for most Western citizens it's now time to "Take Back Manufacturing."                                                                 
This book discusses all the political, social, economic, and technological factors that will need to be considered for Western nations to take back manufacturing, including the investment in education, and technology, and how there will need to be a strong political review of social priorities, immigration strategy, and climate change action. 

The book also provides a detailed implementation roadmap and reshoring business model that outlines how with the correct political will and focus most Western nations can become competitive, recover their manufacturing industries, improve future productivity, and gain back national prosperity.

About the Author

Nigel Southway is based in Toronto, Canada, and is an independent business consultant and the author of Cycle Time Management: The Fast Track to Time-Based Productivity Improvement, an early LEAN thinking textbook.

He consults and educates worldwide on Business Productivity Improvement, LEAN business practices, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Future Supply Chain Management, Industry 4.0, National Sustainability, Global technology transfer projects and joint ventures and more. 

He is a past chair of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the leading advocate and spokesperson for the Take Back Manufacturing Forum, and the North American Reshoring initiative in Canada.

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Source: Nigel Southway, author

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