Indusgeeks Offering Top of the Line Simulations Based Learning Solutions at Wallet Friendly Prices

Indusgeeks, a top rated game based training and gamification company based in San Jose, California, is offering top of the line simulations based learning solutions at reasonable prices.

Courtesy a passion for creativity, excellence and supporting eclectic customer demands, Indusgeeks has raised the bar in game based training and gamification industry. Indusgeeks, essentially a team of young professionals sharing common goals and values, specializing in developing game based training, along with an array of gamification solutions and business simulations. Each of its offerings is LMS compatible, responsive enough to run on both mobile and desktop devices and tailored to correspond to the client’s unique requirements. Being reasonable priced, customers can avail these result-oriented solutions without overstepping their budget.

With the intent to offer insight into Indusgeeks, one of its executives recently stated, “With a tally of coveted awards in kitty, Indusgeeks has been making headways consistently. For the past 8 years, we are dedicatedly creating engaging training content and delivery frameworks. Additionally, we are capable of creating solutions for all industry types and processes, such as, but not restricted to, leadership development, sales and soft skills training, safety and compliance, policy awareness, in addition to on boarding and induction. More importantly, our solutions are future ready and flexible enough to allow convenient porting to different AR and VR devices.”  

In its illustrious journey, Indusgeeks has worked with an eclectic clientele constituted by Fortune 1000 companies, defense organizations & governments worldwide. The experience and expertise thus gained allows the game based training solutions company to transform otherwise dreary training content into more gamified, interactive, immersive, and narrative-driven experiences. Living up to its commitment to deliver innovative solutions, Indusgeeks has unleashed a new, gamified, content-transformation platform at DevLearn 2015. The coveted platform allows clients to convert the conventional learning content into game-based training solutions across multiple verticals without much investment and hassles.

Shedding light on the simulations based learning solutions on offer, the executive further stated, “Indusgeeks believes that business simulations and simulation based learning allows for a convenient and comprehensive understanding of complex subject matter. Thus far, a significant number of learners have remained gainful in terms of enhanced knowledge retention, and efficiency in grasping new concepts and materials. Additionally, our simulations and simulation based learning solutions empower users with an opportunity for practical learning in a risk free environment. In compliance with our pricing policy, we are offering simulations based learning solutions at wallet friendly prices.”

Indusgeeks has worked with a variety of top-notch products, including Battlecare, Emergency Medical Services, Dialysis Management, Mass Casualty, Nurse Training, and Virtual Patient Management, which testifies its abilities. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, the game based training solutions company can create simulation based training solutions complying with the clients’ training needs. Since its offerings are LMS/CMS friendly, the user can rest assured of gaining intelligent analytics about their activities, level of learning and progress towards business objectives. Hailed as a cost-effective way to boost efficiency, reduce time to train and increase productivity levels, game based training software company simulation learning has takers across industries. Therefore, those seeking Game based training and learning need not go any further than Indusgeeks.

About Indusgeeks:

With the base of operations in San Jose, California, Indusgeeks is a revered and reputable game based training and gamification company. Of late, Indusgeeks has emerged as an ideal destination for those seeking games for leadership training and development.



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Indusgeeks, a top rated game based training and gamification company based in San Jose, California, is offering top of the line simulations based learning solutions at reasonable prices.

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