Indovance Expands Headquarters in United States as Demand for Services Continues to Grow

North Carolina-Based Global CAD Outsourcing Company Serves as Essential Business Tool to Increase Productivity for Enterprises Worldwide

​Indovance, one of the leading CAD and drafting outsourcing service providers in the world, today announces a new location for its headquarters in Apex, North Carolina. The new space, at 1051 Pemberton Hill Rd., reflects the rapid growth the company is experiencing, and will help it continue offering best-in-class business solutions that decrease its clients costs and increase efficiencies while maintaining high standards, an imperative asset in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Indovance has been growing steadily over the past 14 years, and is known across the industry for providing scalable CAD outsourcing services in architectural design, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and publishing. Indovance clients typically save 40 to 50 percent on staffing and overhead costs compared to traditional in-house hires. These savings exponentially grow for businesses whose workloads fluctuate and cannot always staff up quickly as new revenue opportunities present.

“We’ve seen our services fill a huge need for companies across the globe, as more and more businesses experience the high-quality work we produce for a fraction of the cost they would pay for in-house staff,” said Sandesh Joshi, president and CEO of Indovance. “We’re excited to bolster our global reach through the use of our virtual meeting equipment in the new office, and we’re also looking forward to working with even more United States- and North Carolina-based organizations. The demand for reliable CAD outsourcing services grows each year, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide those highly reliable services for even more companies in 2018.”

Indovance’s growth reflects a worldwide trend that is expected to continue over the next several years, with research showing the global CAD market poised to increase by 10 percent from 2017 to 2021.

Partnerships with Indovance are truly concerted, as they complement client’s internal staff with scalable design and drafting services. Each engagement begins by setting up a dedicated team of its highly educated and experienced architects, civil, structural or mechanical engineers. For more information or to set up a free trial project, please visit

About the Company

Indovance makes CAD outsourcing easy, advancing design and improving profits. The company was founded in 2003 and works with businesses around the world to manage outsourced projects in architectural design, mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Its dependable, highly skilled team draws on global staffing resources to provide scalable work with rapid turnarounds that help companies save money and get the job done on time, every time. Indovance stands by its proven CAD design and drafting services offering a complimentary first project so businesses can experience its quality and professionalism for themselves. Learn more at

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