Indiegogo Campaign Kicks Off to Save Dance Gallery 2 Studio in Roseville, CA

The Dance Gallery 2, a long-standing dance studio holding classes and trainings in Roseville, California, sets up the Indiegogo Campaign asking individuals to help build a turn lane onto the property and keep the facility continuously operating.

For 22 memorable years, the Dance Gallery 2 Studio has been imparting a positive and rewarding learning experience in the field of dancing for individuals of all backgrounds and age groups. The Roseville, California dance instruction facility is known for its highly capable team of staff and team of teachers who are all about developing the art of dance through non-competitive, yet progressive dance lessons.

The existence of DG2 is a combined effort of couple extraordinaire Doug and Lucy McLemore, who turned their garage into a beautiful dance studio, and thereafter, used up their savings to construct a building that would house their talented students. A new county ordinance, however, mandates that for the building - which sits 100ft away from the current garage studio - to be operational, a new road must be constructed and expanded to provide a turn lane into the dance studio property.

Because the efforts of the dedicated dance instruction team behind DG2 simply can't go to waste, the Indiegogo Campaign has been launched. Dubbed as the Save Our Studio or SOS project, the campaign is aimed at raising money for the remaining part of the road expansion and turn lane construction. Every dollar donated will go to the Pave the Way fund.

In exchange for their donations, supporters of the SOS Indiegogo Campaign will get special reminders of their kindness. For a $50 donation, the donor will receive a Pave The Way t-shirt, while donors of $100 will receives the t-shirt and a DVD of the June Hoorah Recital, called "Light Up The Night".

Donations of $250 entitle the contributor to receive the t-shirt, the DVD, and a dancer's level tile that will be a permanent fixture in the new studio with their name on it. For a $500 donation, the donor receives the t-shirt, DVD, and a large choreographer's level tile that will be a permanent fixture in the new studio with their name on it.

As a way of saying thanks, the DG2 team will award donors of $1,000 with the t-shirt, DVD, and either two choreographer's level tiles, or one Pave The Way tile with their name in the new studio.

To find out more about the Indiegogo Campaign to save the Dance Gallery 2 studio, please visit for information and donations.

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