Indiegogo Campaign: Hide No More, Don't Veil Your Politics

Toronto Artist Parth Upadhye uses social media to engage art lovers to deconstruct the veil.

 Father-in-law's Gaze (from Chador: Unveiling Myths 2016)

During August 2017, Toronto based artist Parth Upadhye is running an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to draw attention back to the veil. "It is about generating conversation and understanding what a veil is." He adds, "My art is not only the visual and words but also the narrative it fosters."

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Hide no more. Don't veil your politics! is about generating conversation and understanding what a veil is.

Parth Upadhye, Artist

His backers will join him through the process of inquiry and creation of these narratives. "Lets put the negatives and negations of the veil aside, and unravel the reality it creates."

Together they will juxtapose the veil against Power and Divinity using folklore, mythologies and religious texts.

Backers will have the opportunity to:

  • be part of team commissioning a painting;
  • get a special book of drawings and sketches;
  • receive a $100 to use on his website; and
  • donate to a gender equality focused non-profit.

In addition to art lovers, curators and art critics will be invited to join the discourse.

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About Parth Upadhye

"The verbs inquire and reinvent capture the essence of what I do.", says Parth Upadhye, a Toronto based artist. "I want my work to not only become objects of interpretation but also encourage exchange of narratives."

Parth Upadhye

Toronto, Ontario


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