Indie Fresh Media at Comic-Con 2017: More Than an Event, an Experience

The Iron Throne (bike cab!)

​​Author Scott Smith, ​Indie Fresh Media

​It's fair to say that San Diego Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of all cons, but the Super Bowl is no San Diego Comic-Con — four to six days of nonstop nerdism completely engulf half of downtown San Diego. Police barricades block entire streets as Comic-Con inspired bike cabs carry costumed patrons across the city. Cosplayers can be seen walking from Little Italy to the piers, arriving on boats, trains, planes and cars, and everywhere in between. Comic-Con is not just an event … Comic-Con is truly an experience.

It's fair to say that San Diego Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of all cons, but the Super Bowl is NO San Diego Comic-Con.

Scott Smith, Author, Indie Fresh Media

There was no shortage of fandom in and around Comic-Con last weekend. Even if one didn't purchase a badge to get into the convention center, the all-encompassing neighborhood party offered endless opportunities to celebrate, shop, eat and interact while staying totally immersed.

From the ability to operate a 20-ft tall interactive, animatronic tick head at Amazon's offsite The Tick Takeover, to partaking in Game of Thrones-themed charity pub crawls, to experiencing a virtual reality dystopian Los Angeles offered by Blade Runner 2049 Experience, pop up parades and marching bands blasting nerdy fan favorite themes like Star Wars and Harry Potter … there was no shortage of sights and activities.

Feeling active? Hop aboard the SYFY Trivia Trolly and test your science fiction knowledge for the chance to win prizes.

Feeling chill? Stop by one of the endless Gaslamp Quarter restaurants for prime-time people watching (character spotting) and comic-themed grub — Cafe 222 served pancakes decorated like Captain America's shield.

Feeling nerdy? Find out if you have the mutant X-gene! Attendees lined up to have their cheeks swabbed and genetically tested by nurses at The Gifted’s activation.

Feeling lovestruck? Couples even got married at SYFY’s Pop Up Wedding Chapel in a legitimate ceremony conducted by none other than (ordained officiator) American Godsstar Orlando Jones.

The nonstop flood of offsite events and quirky popups were just as exciting as the panels, premieres, and lounges offered inside the convention; because the heart of Comic-Con isn't located in the giant studios, media events, or vendors' goods…

The driving heartbeat of Comic-Con can be found in the con-goers' excitement — the making of new friends, running into old con friends, discussing favorite shows and anime characters, trading tips on building armor pieces, performing in character while waiting in line, stopping to ask other cosplayers for photos (and getting an enthused YES), meeting for cosplay photoshoots with groups of strangers who happen to be cosplaying characters from the same story-universe as your own… the energy is inclusive, passionate, even a little hysterical. 

This experience is filled with 100k+ fans rooting for endless teams — shows, games, comics, movies, anime — and especially for each other. That's why Comic-Con isn't just an event. 

Comic-Con is the kind of fandom celebration fandom celebrations are made of. 



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