Indiana-Based Jewelry Retailer Moyer Fine Jewelery Partners With Timepiece Designer to Raise Money for Local Charity

On August 26th, 2016 hundreds of guests gathered in Carmel, Indiana, to attend the 2016 Fuelicious charity gala. Held at the Lucas Oil Estate, the Fuelicious was a full night of luxury collectible automobiles, fine gourmet foods, as well as an array of entertainment, all to raise money in support of the Indiana Children’s Wish Foundation.

An array of local and Indiana-based businesses and organizations participated in the gala, as well as Carmel’s Moyer Fine Jewelers who partnered with Swiss-watchmaker Breitling to share with a selection of the most recent Breitling luxury-timepiece designs, such as the new Breitling for Bentley watch collection. When asked about this year’s gala, Fuelicious attendee Jake Tully mentioned that he had been looking "forward to this event all year. I was especially excited to see what cool new watches Moyers had in store for me”.

For years, Moyer Fine Jewelers has been a financial supporter of events and organizationlike the Fuelicious gala, as Moyer Fine Jewelers founder David Moyer says the Moyer staff considers this sort of support as a “way to give back to a community that has already given us so much”.

For more information on how to support Fuelicious events, as well as the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund, please visit the Fuelicious website,, as well as

About Moyer Fine Jewelers: Founded in 1979 by Daniel Moyer, Moyer Fine Jewelers is a retailer of designer jewelry, Swiss watches, GIA-certified loose diamonds, and more. Located in Carmel, Indiana, Moyer Fine Jewelers is an avid supporter of charitable institutions such as the Indiana Children's Wish Fund, St. Mary's Child Center, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and more. For information on products, sales, events, and fund-raising opportunities, please visit or call 317.844.9003. 

Source: i-Showcase on behalf of Moyer Fine Jewelers


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