India Based Dedicated Server-

The world is getting independent and so does hosting also. In previous days to host a website people are using shared host. It had changed to VPS revolutionary and now people want more powerful and independent web hosting.

​Dedicated host is becoming very popular now a day. Keeping with customer need, many companies are coming with multiple dedicated hosting plan. Most of the companies are providing dedicated hosting, but few of them have their own service.

However which is a seventeen year web Hosting company provides India based dedicated service. Recently this company declared few dedicated host package specially design for Indian market and it is typically India based hosting service. According to the CEO of this company this hosting plans are very much helpful to to medium and big organization of India and to grow their business. The prices range decided by the company is very low, convenient and affordable to all. Also Hostindia announced that they are going to give some additional discount with the hosting plan, but as of now no discount details had found.

Services to make your business grow.

Debasish, Pramanik

This not only the one company coming up with a low cost hosting plan. Earlier also a few service providers come up with cheap and low cost dedicated service plan. However, nowadays also most of the starters, small business owner and new website builder using shared hosting, Linux hosting, windows hosting and some cases VPS hosting. Linux web hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting and Linux is also secure, fast, reliable and supported by most of the language so it is always a good choice by most of the web seeker. Windows hosting support for some special language such as ASP and ASP.NET.

In dedicated service also you will find two types of hosting plan one is for Linux and other for Windows. If you are looking for any dedicated hosting plan, then then you may check it with to Make Your Business Grow)