Independent Team Is Live on Kickstarter to Complete the Development of 'Lord of Poker'

Lord of Poker will be the world's first ever role poker game. The funding requirement for the development of this game is $100,000

In the earlier parts of human civilization, Poker was much more than just a game. Deepest of the conflicts were often resolved by a game of Poker. During those days, the knowledge of a secret poker magic was considered to be essential to winning at Poker. However, all Magic has a dark side, and over time some players were engulfed by greed and the influence of sinister forces. Rather than play by the rules, they sought to gain an advantage over others by any means, no matter how evil. The strongest among them vanquished many worthy opponents and accumulated an unimaginable fortune of gold and jewels, but as his power grew so his greed grew alongside it. He became a tyrant, known as the Dark Lord. And to preserve his wealth forever, the Dark Lord outlawed the use of Magic in Poker. Over the centuries, most people forgot their hidden abilities and Poker became an ordinary card game with no connection to magic.

Alexander Petukh and Alexander Bernat, founders of LoP Game Corp., claim that Lord of Poker will return poker to its original state. The first role poker game, Lord of Poker will bring back the thrills of a primeval battle between the good and the evil where Mind, Courage, Endurance, and Luck combine with the arcane forces of ancient Magic to play a role in determining the victor.

Some of the most important features of the game include

  • Lord of Poker is the first Role Poker Game – a unique gaming genre that combines poker, an RPG, and a fantasy card game.
  • Players gain experience, level up, collect powerful items, and earn gold (internal money) through card combat (poker sessions).
  • Using magic spells during card combat has a dramatic impact on gameplay, making it absolutely unpredictable.
  • There are also four specific attributes each character class possesses to varying degrees: Endurance, Courage, Mind and Luck. Each of these influences strategy, playing style, and outcome of card combat.
  • Each new location introduces new conditions to the game, making it impossible to use the same winning tactics all the time. Players will need to adapt their gaming strategy as they progress.
  • Introducing the never before seen Team Poker mode!
  • The game features a unique system for gaining experience: Heroes advance by making specified poker moves and their combos (raise, call, all-in, etc.).
  • Gameplay unfolds through a combination of gradual development of the game’s plot and the immersive experience of a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game) that takes place in an open world. You will play poker against other players and mobs while progressing through the central quest of the game.

Lord of Poker is the brainchild of Alexander Petukh and Alexander Bernat, two friends from Belarus, who began working on the concept of Lord of Poker about a year ago. At present, they are looking to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter to complete the development of Lord of Poker. Proceeds from this campaign will be used for the following purposes.

  • Focus all their efforts and resources on development of Lord of Poker instead of working on spare time.
  • Expansion of the team by hiring artists and additional developers.
  • Acceleration of the development process.
  • Release the game for PC and Mac. 

The website of Lord of Poker is


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