Independent Core Strategies Strengthens Team Culture

Independent Core Strategies' Director of Operations outlined the company's growth environment and offered his advice for creating a cohesive culture. He also discussed the firm's team-building events.

“Here at Independent Core Strategies, we provide extensive opportunities for career advancement and personal growth,” stated Vincent, the Director of Operations. “Our team members know exactly what they need to do to reach higher levels within our organization. That keeps them engaged and performing at their best. We reward their dedication by promoting based on achievement, not politics or simple matters of seniority.”

The atmosphere of growth puts talented professionals in position to succeed. It also creates winning results for the brands they promote. Vincent added, “Our commitment to merit-based advancement puts everyone on the same page, and it allows our firm to sustain great performance and take dynamic brands to higher levels of awareness and profitability.”

"We recognize the importance of defining company values and a larger mission,"

Vincent, Director of Operations

Vincent and the rest of the leaders at Independent Core Strategies also work hard to cultivate a strong team atmosphere. “We recognize the importance of defining company values and a larger mission,” said the Director. “However, we also know it’s up to our people to live out these things on a daily basis, and we do our best to help them do so. Public recognition of excellent performance and a commitment to ongoing development are two of the strategies we apply to create a cohesive team culture.”

Independent Core Strategies’ Director of Operations Details Team-Building Activities

Company leaders organize a variety of team-strengthening events to bring their marketing specialists closer together. The Director explained, “We use travel as a way to boost morale and improve teamwork. Through attending conferences and going on road trips, our people get to know each other on deeper levels and come to appreciate one another’s personalities even more. I think getting away from the stress of the office is an ideal way to learn more about your colleagues. Having said that, our spirited office competitions also bring out the best in our associates. Our team becomes stronger both on the road and at home.”

Team members at Independent Core Strategies also enjoy regular events in the forms of concerts, bowling nights, and weekly dinners. Vincent remarked, “Through these routine get-togethers, our people reinforce their bonds so everyone remains close even when demanding projects make it difficult to interact on a personal level at the office. Also, these outings are just plain fun.”

About Independent Core Strategies, Inc.

Independent Core Strategies, Inc. is a well-known provider of dynamic marketing with years of experience. The firm’s team members design unique promotions that boost awareness and engage consumers. Their solutions have put many brands out in front. As demand for their services grows, the company opens numerous markets, allowing them to reach new customers and increase revenues. The firm stands out from the pack by upholding standards of energy, support, and creativity, and looks forward to greater reach in the years to come.