Independent Core Strategies Sets Goals for 2016

The managers at Independent Core Strategies have set ambitious goals for 2016. The firm's Director of Operations elaborated on them, with particular emphasis on leadership development.

“The year is well underway, and things are looking outstanding for Independent Core Strategies,” said Vincent, the company’s Director of Operations. “We’ve carefully developed a strategic plan to exceed goals in every area of business. There are benchmarks in place for brand growth, revenue and profit, talent management, professional development, and more!”

The managers at Independent Core Strategies are adamant when it comes to goal setting and business planning. Vincent explained that these efforts are the best ways to ensure forward momentum in a marketplace that is constantly evolving. Without innovation and effort, any business is at risk of diminishing.

"For 2016, we're placing extra emphasis on leadership training,"

Vincent , Director of Operations

“Our approach to setting goals is quite deliberate,” Vincent stated. “First we establish our long-term objectives, and ensure that they reflect our mission. Then we identify the short-term tasks we need to accomplish to reach those goals. These milestones help us measure our progress – and give us reason to celebrate along the way! Every step we take is also in alignment with our guiding principles, of course.”

According to Vincent, all team members are provided with the support and resources they need to work to their fullest potential. For instance, they receive ongoing training and individualized coaching in a variety of areas, such as time management and effective communication. These opportunities allow associates to reach their personal objectives, work together to achieve their team goals, and ensure the company as well as brands benefit tremendously.

Independent Core Strategies’ Director of Operations Highlights Leadership Training

“For 2016, we’re placing extra emphasis on leadership training,” Vincent continued. “We fully intend to maintain our shining reputation, and producing grade-A leaders is a big part of it. Our people must live up to some pretty high standards at Independent Core Strategies, and we want to make sure they excel and inspire others.”

Vincent noted that qualified team members are invited to complete a specialized leadership development program. It is built on a proven model that equips individuals with strong business expertise as well as keen management insights. “Those who have completed the program so far have emerged with impressive leadership acumen,” he concluded. “Our team is notably stronger as a result. There is more energy, for instance, and the collaboration in our office is out of this world. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the results!”

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