Independent Core Strategies Returns From Bahamian Retreat

There are some tan and relaxed individuals in the Independent Core Strategies office. Some team members recently returned from the company's annual tropical retreat held in the Bahamas.

“There’s nothing better than a little R&R after putting forth a lot of work,” said Vincent, Independent Core Strategies’ director of operations. “We had a fabulous time in a truly luxurious location.”

Vincent noted that the Independent Core Strategies team members selected were among the company’s top performers this year. “These individuals really demonstrated their dedication and commitment to delivering outstanding results,” he said. “They truly earned this all-expense-paid trip.”

"We met some of the most renowned experts in the interactive marketing field,"

Vincent , Director of Operations

As Vincent shared, the trip involved quite a bit of relaxation and fun. “We had an absolute blast playing in the sun,” he said. “Everyone was able to enjoy the sand and surf. We had some excursions we shared together. At night, there was great food and entertainment.”

The other aspect of the trip was the opportunity to network with the industry leaders who attended. “We met some of the most renowned experts in the interactive marketing field,” Vincent shared. “The ability to speak with them during such an exciting event was amazing. The same goes for the people we met from other regions. We exchanged ideas and made some valuable connections.”

This was not the only trip that team members took this year. “Travel is a big part of our reward policy,” Vincent explained. “Associates have opportunities to earn trips to leadership conferences as well. Not to mention, we take road trips to cross-train with teams in other regions.”

Independent Core Strategies Managers on Career Skills Improved by Travel

Vincent noted that while many company leaders view travel as an extravagant perk, at Independent Core Strategies, managers recognize the value in sending associates on trips. “There are many career skills that can be developed through travel,” he said.

One of these skills is time management. “When you’re traveling, you don’t have the luxury of procrastination, especially if you need to get from point A to point B expediently,” Vincent explained. “Therefore, you have to be able to plan your time wisely and productively. Even time waiting at the airport or train station can be optimized if you plan ahead.”

Stress management is another skill that Vincent said is polished with travel. “Part of managing stress is learning to think on your feet,” he noted. “There’s a level of uncertainty you have to face when you use transportation, especially airlines. If you’re a frequent traveler, you learn how to respond to flight delays or cancellations. Travel forces you to find alternative solutions rather than panic.”

“We do love to travel here,” said Vincent. “It’s a good thing there are lots of opportunities for us to grab. It makes our daily routines so much better.”

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