Practice Insight Announces WiseTime Software Tool for Increasing Billing Time

Practice Insight, the leading provider of big data analytics software has released WiseTime, a seamless, fully automated time tracking tool.

Practice Insight, the leading provider of big data analytics software announced the release of their latest software program WiseTime, a seamless, fully automated time tracking tool.

With most timetracking software on the market claiming to be automatic and seamless, the majority requires the user to start and stop the program for each task. As soon as WiseTime is installed, it works automatically and seamlessly in the background tracking all activity, capturing usage time, program details and document titles.

"Most automated timetracking programs require manual intervention on the part of the user which can lead to reporting inaccuracies and time leakage," said Mr. Wolfgang Danner, General Manager, Practice Insight. “WiseTime tracks all usage automatically, delivering a detailed and accurate framework. This information can be used for billing clients and provide companies with deeper insight to assist with planning financial forecasts and budgets.”

WiseTime automatically logs usage across all operating systems, including virtualized enterprise environments. It integrates with most popular project, finance or software management programs, automatically tagging users’ activities with the relevant project codes, document titles or software program descriptions.

Privacy is a core WiseTime feature. Users can choose which timekeeping records to submit to their managers or keep for themselves ensuring that all time recording activity is 100% private until posted.

WiseTime is available free for individual users from Enterprise and team licenses are available for purchase.

For media inquiries please contact Erika Dauner, Marketing Coordinator, Practice Insight,, + 49  89 89 0578816 (Munich).

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