Inconsistent Monitoring of Tracheal Cuff Pressure an Opportunity for Automated Devices

Greystone Research Associates Examines the Impact of Continous Monitors on Airway Management

​Endotracheal tubes have become indispensable for securing the airway during surgical procedures and in critically ill patients treated with mechanical ventilation. An essential part of tracheal intubation is the tracheal cuff, a device that – when properly inflated – seals the airway to insure that patient aspiration occurs only from the ventilator.

Because adequate pressure is essential to effective cuff operation and excessive pressure has been implicated in airway trauma and injury, monitoring inflated cuff pressure has been gaining much attention. Recent studies have shown that cuff pressure can vary for a number of reasons, including patient movement and position, and that the frequency at which medical staff monitor cuff pressure can vary from set intervals to infrequently. These findings have increased interest in devices that monitor cuff pressure continuously, as well as models that automatically adjust cuff pressure. 

The competitive landscape for tracheal cuff pressure monitors includes some well-known airway device suppliers as well as a few small pure play device companies. Because of the evolving dynamics in the healthcare procurement sector, these focused players must compete on product differentiation and price in order to win orders. While discrete, stand-alone pressure monitors are actively sold, interest in improving patient outcomes will drive an increase in tracheal cuffs with integrated pressure monitoring capability.

A recent survey of tracheal cuffs in airway management is the subject of a new and comprehensive report from Greystone Research Associates. The report  - Tracheal Cuff Pressure Monitors: Products, Markets, Players and Outlook - includes assessments of devices and their commercialization prospects, device features, analysis of market factors, profiles of market participants and their activities, and market data and forecasts.

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