Income Solver Software Ranked #1 by Advisors for Third Year in a Row for Retirement Income Strategies

Income Solver is ranked #1 for the third year in a row in the category of "Retirement Distribution" Software by advisors in the T3 Technology survey of 2023. The annual T3 Technology survey of financial advisors once again ranked Income Solver in 2023 as a leading provider for retirement income planning to fill the gap in existing financial planning software. 

Income Solver provides more details and identifies strategies on how to generate income from retirement savings for clients aged 50 and over. Utilizing Income Solver for the average household entering retirement proves to find hundreds of thousands of dollars more over time than other popular methods used by the largest retail financial services institutions. 

Retirement income strategies demand complex coordination of elements like investment and income management, Social Security claiming, Medicare premiums, tax minimization, Roth Conversions, RMDs, and other key decisions — Income Solver differentiates from competitors with an engine designed to recommend the top 100 customized strategies for each household after running 50,000+ variations rather than utilizing a limited number of general strategies. With new tools emerging to address retirement strategies, the growing classification reflects a rapidly growing demand by Baby Boomers who want help and guidance "decumulating" or generating income from the savings they have accumulated in a smart, transparent way. 

Guiding clients aged 50 and over, advisors are finding that Income Solver can make their clients' portfolios last longer with its superior methodology and details to analyze and compare varying ways to generate a paycheck in retirement for clients. Research from the founders, William Meyer and William Reichenstein, will be featured in the Journal of Wealth Management in April 2023 in an article entitled "Why Multi-Phase Withdrawal Strategies Beat Proportional Withdrawal Strategies."

William Meyer, the CEO of Retiree, Inc. that developed Income Solver, states, "Advisors that use Income Solver are gaining more clients and assets by helping clients aged 50 and over make more of their retirement savings. Every individual in America should be aware that smart planning of their retirement resources, small or large, can make a large difference from the 'conventional wisdom' approaches that are pervasive in our industry."

The tool's solutions highlight the value provided by Roth Conversions, Secure Act 2.0 new rules, Social Security optimization, varying tax and capital markets environments, minimization of Medicare surcharges, tax-aware rebalancing, and other savvy decisions about when and how much to withdrawal from savings in an order that extends their portfolio value.

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