Inclusive TA Community Makes Its Debut With Broad Industry Support

Evry1 aims to live up to its name, dubbing itself the "community without a catch"

Evry1 TA Community

Coming this summer… not just a trailer intro anymore. The Evry1 community recently launched with industry insider and veteran community builder, Shannon Pritchett at its helm. Pritchett wasted no time in assembling her co-community builders, affectionately titled the Seven. 

The community truly has no catch. Vendors, practitioners, and even other communities are welcomed with open arms. The goal? To create a base camp where fledgling sourcers and recruiters can come to get educated, mentored, and connected. This is an excellent time to do so since despite a substantial uptick in the job market, just 42% of companies will invest in tools to speed up hiring.

Underwritten entirely by Hiretual, the community seeks to find its own identity. Pritchett had this to say: "I couldn't be more excited to launch the Evry1 community. Steven Jiang and I share a common vision & goal for this community, and I have always dreamed about the opportunity to build it. I'm thrilled to have Hiretual's support to offer free training, knowledge sharing, mental health resources, mentorships, DE&I resources, and so much more."

The community isn't short on incentives to get folks to join either. Pritchett and her team are curating articles from everyone from analysts and influencers to vendors and newbie writers. The editorial team, led by Cydny Davis with help from Jan Tegze, are committed to publishing the best new writers, in addition to established influencers.

And in a move calculated to set them apart from other communities, they're also willing to pay for great content. A sharp departure from the current model, which is virtually flipped, the idea is to have great content, no matter where it comes from.

Other changes differentiate the Evry1 community as well. A focus on quick, fun videos to educate and entertain, a barrier between its benefactor and the community members' info, and finally, the desire to be truly inclusive, including what some might consider competitors.

"Evry1 is an open and free community of thoughts, cares, knowledge, shares, and growth. We're committed to bringing the best technology and the best community together to our Talent Acquisition industry," said Steve Jiang, CEO of Hiretual. 

"Talent industry is all about people. Talent Acquisition professionals are the central driving power of our industry, not the technology. It's just so fascinating to have a community to empower/enable TA people to make other people's lives and careers better," said Jiang.

Evry1 cordially invites analysts with any recent research or publication to reach out to be featured on the Evry1 site. Our community members need the knowledge you bring and we'd love to showcase your talent!

"This is just the beginning. Evry1 has a chance to change our industry for the better. I hope you can join us," Pritchett said.

For media inquiries, contact Shannon Pritchett at

Source: Evry1