Inbound Marketing Agency SalesHub Becomes a Platinum Certified HubSpot Partner

SalesHub, an inbound marketing and sales company based in Toronto, Ontario, has become a platinum level certified HubSpot partner.

The HubSpot Parter Tier program acknowledges agencies, based on a combination of metrics, who have brought the inbound message to the most clients and who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. Achieving this elite partner status distinguishes SalesHub as experts in using their award-winning inbound sales and marketing platform.  

“I am thrilled for our team to have achieved Platinum status within the HubSpot community,” said Matthew Cook, CEO of SalesHub. “It is a great honour and we thank our clients and partners from all over the US and Canada for helping us get here. It has been a pleasure to work with our clients not only with inbound marketing solutions, but also sales enablement services to help them grow sales. It gives us a lot of satisfaction to see them succeed.”

Peter Caputa, HubSpot’s VP of Sales, recognized SalesHub’s position as one of North America’s top marketing agencies. “SalesHub is the agency of the future: equally fluent in marketing and sales,” said Caputa. “At HubSpot, I have access to the performance of 3400 marketing agencies and the ones who combine sales services with marketing services are able to more predictably drive revenue for clients. SalesHub is at the front of that pack.”

As an acknowledgement of their expertise in inbound marketing, the SalesHub team is honoured to be recognized as one of HubSpot’s top performing inbound marketing agencies and will continue to strive for excellence. 

Source: SalesHub


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SalesHub is one of North America's top inbound sales and marketing agencies. They have the capabilities to attract, convert, close, and engage your prospects online to drive new customers through the web.