In Response to the Growing Gun Violence Epidemic, Center for Personal Protection & Safety (CPPS) Announces the Release of Safe Schools Program

A unique and scalable solution to Extreme School Violence with CPPS' Tiered-Approach to Violence Prevention

Announcing CPPS Safe Schools Program

As extreme school violence continues to spread across the country, lawmakers, parents and students are all looking for solutions and ways to confront school violence and the risk it poses to kids, faculty and staff. That's why CPPS has produced the CPPS Safe Schools Program. This program empowers students, staff, threat assessors and leadership teams to not only effectively respond to school violence, but understand how to identify early warning signs and prevent violence altogether.

For the last two decades, CPPS has helped corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities and healthcare providers build effective violence prevention and response programs. CPPS has trained tens of millions of college students and adults across the nation. 

To successfully prevent violence, it must be identified, reported, reviewed and information acted upon. If the links are broken in any part of this information chain, the chances of stopping a violent attack before it occurs drops dramatically. That's why as part of a baseline training, everyone must also be equipped to respond effectively should violence erupt.

CPPS uses a Tiered Approach to violence prevention and intervention program in the K-12 environment. Each tier works together to build a comprehensive program that is consistent with prevailing standards, industry best practices, and a school's culture.

  • Tier One: General awareness training for students and staff through the use of CPPS' digital training program, Beyond Lockdown. 
  • Tier Two: Enhanced guidance for administrators, teachers and counselors through CPPS' 30-minute eLearning course. 
  • Tier Three: Training for Threat Management Teams via eLearning or virtual live training. 
  • Tier Four: Threat Management Advisory Service using CPPS' Retainer Program with 24/7 access to experts.
  • Tier Five: Executive level training for the school board and district leadership.

The Safe Schools Program is 100% virtual, it's cost-effective and can scale to fit a school's needs perfectly. Whether it's one district with just a few schools, or an entire state with thousands of schools, CPPS' tiered approach is affordable and easy to implement. CPPS' training easily integrates into an existing intranet or learning management system. 

CPPS has received feedback from customers saying, "We trained our students on what to do if an active shooter event happened on campus and unfortunately, we were that campus. Our kids were trained two weeks earlier, dashed out of that library. They literally ran out of their shoes, books on the floor or laptops on the floor, and we get a call the next day from their Head of Public Safety saying he was convinced those kids' lives were saved because they had gone through our training."

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Source: Center for Personal Protection & Safety (CPPS)

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