'In Good Taste' Documentary Questions the Future of Food for United Nations World Food Day

A TEALEAVES documentary exploring what it means to have 'good taste' and its impact on our bodies and planet.

​​​​The In Good Taste documentary will World Premiere at United Nations World Food Day on Oct. 16, 2020. The film is part of Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Food Day celebrations taking place online. 

In Good Taste brings together the insights of recognized physicians, foragers, ocean and regenerative farmers, designers, educators, and journalists to explore what it means to have ‘good taste’. The documentary delves into our current food system by focusing on unsustainable demand perpetuated by our singular concepts of quality, rarity, and deliciousness: our tastes. The film invites the viewer to evaluate and adapt the decisions they make daily, through introducing concepts like mouthfeel, context, and monoculture. 

“How do you help people change behaviors when they feel utterly stuck in bad habits? Oftentimes the why trumps the how. I was never taught that in medical school.” - Dr. David Eisenberg, MD, Director of Culinary Nutrition at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

In a world where we trust food that comes in a plastic package with a nutrition label more than when it sprouts up at our feet; where doctors prescribe medication but cannot prescribe healthful meals; where caviar and foie gras are the pinnacle of luxury and staple products are judged for their shelf life rather than their nutritional density… The hidden costs are so much more than the price we pay.  

With themes ranging from environmentalism to regenerative agriculture and behavior change, In Good Taste reveals solutions to save our planet and our personal health. Changing human behavior is a matter of deliciousness or desirability: How can we mobilize for positive impact through personal taste? 

“Knowing that our tastes affect our behaviors, and our behaviors affect our impact, how could we alter our tastes in order to ensure that our impact on this world and on our bodies is a positive one?” - Lana Sutherland, Co-Founder & CEO of TEALEAVES

In Good Taste redefines the new luxury as sustainability and wellness; not rarity or scarcity, but diversity. Not one size fits all, but owning the power of our daily decisions. Those who grow the food, those who eat it, and those who move the food between the two – must all be connected in social mobilization.

“How do we change the system so that no one has to ask where their food is coming from?” - Dr. Daphne Miller, In Good Taste collaborator

In Good Taste shines a spotlight on how our monoculturalistic desires for food, fashion and more are unsustainable and unhealthy. The road to reclaiming our own tastes is cultural and complex and the strategies are anything but singular.

“Very important work.” - Ian Urbina, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist

In Good Taste is a production of TEALEAVES OnBlend Magazine. Directors of this film, Nathalie Attallah and Carly Williams, were also the creators behind the documentary The Garden of Secrets, which premiered at the Cooper Hewitt and Language of Aroma, which premiered at San Francisco Design Festival in 2019. 

The In Good Taste documentary will be premiering as part of FAO World Food Day on Oct. 16. Register to claim your free online ticket here: https://onblend.tealeaves.com/taste

View the In Good Taste trailer here.

In Good Taste features the following experts of industry and academia:

Prof. Mark Bomford - Director, Yale Sustainable Food Program

Prof. Adam Brumberg - Deputy Director, Cornell Institute for Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice, Cornell Food & Brand Lab

Emma Chow - Food Initiative Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Dr. Odette Curtis-Scott - Director, Overberg, Renosterveld Conservation Trust

Dr. David Eisenberg, MD - Director of Culinary Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Peter Klosse - Professor & Founder, T.A.S.T.E (The Academy of Scientific Taste Evaluation)

Dr. Robert S. Lawrence, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Emeritus Professor (Bloomberg School of Public Health), Founder, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Dr. Aiofe Mac Namara, Professor Social Justice and Creative Practice

Dr. Daphne Miller, MD - Physician, Author, Associate Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco, University of California Berkeley School of Public Health

Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar - Acting Under Secretary for Education, Smithsonian Institution

Bren Smith - Executive Director & Co-Founder, GreenWave

Prof. Philip B. Stark, Ph.D. - Professor of Statistics, Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of California Berkeley, Co-Founder, Berkeley Open Source Food

Dr. Dori Tunstall - Dean, Faculty of Design, OCAD University

Ian Urbina - Pulitzer Prize-winning Investigative Journalist; Founder, The Outlaw Ocean Project


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