In an Effort to Combat Burnout, The Balanced Life Announces Refresh + Reset: a 5-Day Pilates Challenge

With the rise of overwhelm and burnout, refresh + reset, offers a simple and effective way to care for yourself.

There is more talk about self-care, fitness routines, and wellness than ever before but women are more burnt out than ever. The Balanced Life is launching Refresh + Reset: a 5-day Pilates Challenge to show that caring for yourself doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. By joining Refresh + Reset, participants will build strength, reduce stress, and feel good with just 15 minutes of movement each day. 

"I created Refresh + Reset out of a passion and desire to equip women with a way to care for themselves without adding another burden to their plate. I've been navigating new health challenges this past year - that have been amplified by stress - and as I have shared my story, I've heard from countless others that they are overwhelmed and experiencing burnout. The fitness industry is full of rigid diet & exercise plans and voices telling you to do more and more. The Refresh + Reset Pilates challenge is here to help you keep it simple." - Robin Long, Founder, CEO and Pilates Instructor at The Balanced Life 

The Refresh + Reset challenge starts on September 20 but sign-up starts today. Challenge participants will receive a simple, yet effective 15-minute workout emailed to them each day along with encouragement and support to reset and take the time you need to focus on your health. Hundreds of thousands of women have joined past challenges and experienced freedom and results with The Balanced Life's positive & refreshing approach. Designed for all fitness levels, all you need to do is roll out your mat and press play!


Founded by Robin Long, The Balanced Life provides a realistic and practical approach to health, fitness, and self-care that is guilt-free, positive, simple, and uplifting. Inside their membership community, The Balanced Life Sisterhood, they provide online Pilates workouts, wellness resources, and encouraging community support - so that all women can feel strong, healthy, and proud of how they are becoming the healthiest versions of themselves.

Contact: Jaclyn Elwell,, 484-624-7363

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