In a Changing Business World, Scott Stein Shows Leaders How to 'Hack' Their Approach

Finding Methods and Processes to Fast-Track New Approaches to Thinking, Communicating and Delegating

Scott Stein, the author of the recently released  “Leadership Hacks: Cover Shortcuts to Boost Your Impact and Results," has worked with thousands of leaders in the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe across corporate industries, the government and the military including front-line Managers and small business owners helping them to become better leaders by fast-tracking their thinking and their approach with their people. Stein, a highly sought after International speaker and mentor, has worked with a range of global and Australian businesses including American Express, Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds, REA Group, City of Sydney, Carlton & United Breweries, Mazda and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.

Based in Sydney, Australia after having been raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Stein travels the globe to help leaders identify and implement strategies that inspire their people to do things that matter in less time to achieve greater success. He has helped thousands of business leaders — from CEOs to small-business owners — to identify ways to make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake.

As the CEO of an international learning and development company, Stein understands the challenges that leaders face when trying to juggle numerous projects and multiple people across multiple time zones. In addition, he is a Thought Leaders Global Partner, assisting the community to help clever people become commercially smart by improving and capturing the communication of their ideas. 

“The leadership dilemma is having too much to do in too little time,” Stein wrote. “The challenge is not new to leaders. What is new is the speed with which they have to accomplish things — they need to get many more things done in much less time. They need to ‘hack’ their approach: to find methods and processes they can use to fast-track their approach to thinking, communicating and delegating.”

Leadership has changed in the past 25 years. In the past, the race of life and business was very different from today. Leaders used to have the luxury of spending their evenings and weekends thinking and recharging their batteries, knowing that the rest of the business world was also on hold until the next business day. They didn't have competitors leveraging new forms of technology to disrupt traditional markets. Leaders are playing a different game and some of them aren't even aware of it. Gone are the days of 5-10 year strategic plans, predictable operations and long-term employee loyalty. These are being replaced by short-horizon strategies, flexible operations that adapt based on the changing competitive landscape, and fighting to attract and keep the top talent.  

Now Stein has authored “Leadership Hacks: Cover Shortcuts to Boost Your Impact and Results,” a smart leader’s guide for achieving results.  It shows readers how to hack their day, shift their approach and boost their communication to start leading in a more effective manner. As the evolving business environment leaves many leaders struggling to achieve outcomes against constantly shifting priorities, competitors and deadlines, this book shows them how to sort through the madness and get back to obtaining results. Stein details hacks at a personal, one-on-one and team level, to give readers the tips, tricks and advice they need to rise above the daily deluge and make real progress. The book:

  • identifies what distractions slow individuals down;
  • fast-tracks one’s productivity to do more in less time;
  • streamlines delegation so employees perform faster;
  • re-routes meetings into productive outcomes;
  • teaches the communication and technology shortcuts that get faster results.

A leadership hack is anything that helps the leader accomplish more in less time. This can include:

  •  shortcuts that may not be commonly known;
  •  simplified steps that make a task easier to do;
  •  fast-track processes that speed things up;
  •  any approach that simplifies and speeds up a task.

“Simply put, Leadership Hacks are about identifying ways leaders can make a difference to the people around them and the tasks they’re confronted with,” said Stein. “They are about being a leader who is admired by other leaders because of their ability to work smarter and more efficiently and by inspiring and empowering others. The ultimate hack involves three main keys: mindset, approach, and impact.

“The way you adapt your leadership will open up new realms of opportunity,” added Stein. “Use this book as a fast-track guide to help identify smarter ways to improve impact and results by hacking leadership.”

The book is divided into three types of leadership hacks. Part I reveals personal hacks that readers can use to boost their leadership as an individual. This includes hacking their productivity, use of technology and communication platforms. Part II discusses one-to-one hacks that leaders can use to increase their leadership performance when working with individual staff members. These include communication, delegation and coaching hacks. Part III identifies a number of team hacks that leaders can use to increase their leadership performance with others, most commonly in an organization, department or team. These include hacking team meetings and a range of team mobilization shortcuts. Spread through the book are included case studies on various incredible leaders as well as self-hack exercises that you can use to help integrate the concepts and hacks described in the chapters.

Stein has a Master's Degree in Communication and taught Communication and Public Speaking at Central Michigan University. His previous roles included operations manager for a national leadership development company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that used the outdoors to accelerate learning. He was also the Learning & Development Manager for five manufacturing plants in Detroit, Michigan. Both of these roles gave him an opportunity to hone his practical business skills as he assisted in turning leaders and businesses around improving communication and lifting performance. He is the author of four books including The Order: Doing the right things at the right time, in the right way, which blends his native American training with how leaders can earn from the ancient wisdom. 

He has also received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the Professional Speakers Association, which recognizes him as one of the two speakers across the globe.  For more information on Scott go to

"Leadership Hacks: Clever Shortcuts to Boost Your Impact and Results" is available at better bookstores nationwide or through online booksellers. 

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