Improved Wikipedia Monitoring Service to Be Launched by Wizards of Wiki

Wizards of Wiki invest finds to further develop their monitoring service

As brand management becomes increasingly important to companies and individuals alike, so does the content on their Wikipedia page. As many know, Wikipedia pages rank highly on Google and other search engines, meaning they tend to be in prominent positions when someone searches for a company or individual. Wizards of Wiki are one of the worlds leading Wikipedia consultants in the field of Wikipedia management, and have offered monitoring solutions since their foundation.

In January 2014, it was made clear by their Managing Director that they would be moving forward with a newer version of their monitoring system. "Wikipedia monitoring is becoming increasingly important", stated Bray. Mark Bray founded Wizards of Wiki following the success of the consultancy service through the Marketing Company he also owns, Jive Pepper.

"We've a large number of people and companies using our monitoring service and we feel it is one of the best options currently available on the Internet. Following thorough research, we would like to make it even better." While free services are available on the Internet, which provide some form of monitoring, they tend to be slow and lack sufficient information when delivered.

During research carried out by the company, some Wikipedia monitoring services could take over a day to notify people of changes.

The new improved Wikipedia monitoring service sends notifications to clients via a variety of means, and also recognizes the type of change made. This means clients aren't just notified but informed on the type of activity on pages about them or their company.

While creating the system, it was also paramount to the Wizards of Wiki team that the delivery of the information was fast and effective, so the client could interact quickly with users on the talk page.

When asked about the current system Bray stated; "In my opinion our current system is excellent when compared to others on the market. The improved features and investment show our current and future clients that the system is constantly been improved. I see this only as a good thing."

The last remaining positive for the service is the free consultancy. A member of the Wizards of Wiki staff monitors every change, and if needed will give advice to the client at no extra fee. Due to the affordable monthly price, it is said that most notable people and businesses can use it, without having to worry about their budget. The service will be implemented from February 2014.

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