Impresso Labs Announces MVP Launch & Upcoming ICO Private Sale

An authentication platform based on Blockchain technology

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Impresso Labs is a blockchain and mobile application based company providing profile and CV data validation for the recruitment and networking industry. Impresso the App allows for a user’s skills, educational and career data to be validated.

The team’s mission is to build the next generation of career data management and value networking ecosystems. One that benefits both employers and employees fairly. By establishing an inherently trusted system (blockchain) that rewards participation and shares the rewards more equitably.

The MVP of the App launches in November.

The private sale begins on the 8th of November and lasts until the 3rd of January 2019. During this period, a 50 percent bonus in tokens will be given to investors. All investors will need to undergo a whitelisting process to participate in the private sale.

The goal is to secure funding to finalize the development of the Blockchain product and Mobile Application, as well as to launch the product firstly in Switzerland, followed by the European, Americas and Asian markets.

Target Market - Impresso Blockchain

Impresso’s first focus is to target and provide our services of validated CV’s & Qualifications to the Blockchain industry. Since we are a blockchain based project, it makes more business sense for us to market and push product adoption through the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry/ecosystem is a fast-growing sector where there is an urgent need for skilled and experienced blockchain/crypto candidates. Ranging from programmers, project managers, product developers, marketing, legal, content writers, finance & banking and much more.

Security and Privacy

Validated data stored on the blockchain will provide both security and privacy with access rights belonging to the user. Hiring companies and businesses will have the opportunity of having access to this data for better-informed recruitment and business decisions. The future of work published by McKinsey Global Institute underlines a dynamic revolutionary change that has started today in the industry of work. Impresso plans to support these change by providing validated and secure data for tomorrow’s job seekers, professional networkers, hiring and recruitment companies.

Valued Connections - ‘Matchmaking Application’

Connecting people in the recruitment and networking sector has never been easier today with so many different platforms. But the majority have been dwarfed by the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. Impresso will not be competing with social media and networking giants of today, however, they will provide a complimentary service that is not presently available or obvious from these organisations. Unlike other platforms, Impresso is designed to bring valued connections.

About Impresso Labs

Impresso is a Swiss-based technology startup, managed by a stellar team of HR, business, technical, financial, and marketing specialists with decades of combined experience.

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