Impress Customers with Detectamet's New Totally Detectable Shoe and Sleeve Covers

Detectamet's fully detectable shoe and sleeve covers are resilient and give customers a better impression of care to reduce contamination risks.

The disposable plastic covers for shoes and sleeves issued to visitors and workers who enter a food factory have been flimsy.  If metal detectability is a requirement then a metallic strip glued on to the material has been the usual solution.  The shoes often wear out and rip too easily and any contamination incident needs to include the metallic strip to be detectable.

Can this positively impress visiting customers auditors, or inspectors? Pieces of plastic without the foil strips would be undetectable if they contaminated the products.  A torn or quickly worn cover leaves a negative impression on important guests.

"Food Producers dread the possibility that their products will be discovered by a consumer to be contaminated. Detectamet helps to stop this happening." Sean Smith CEO Detectamet Limited

“Detectamet has solved these problems.” said. Sean Smith the company’s CEO. “We’ve developed shoe and sleeve covers made entirely from a new totally detectable material, “ he explained “ and they are much more resilient.” The positive impact on a visiting food safety auditor or important customer can only help toward a good outcome.

Trials by Detectamet staff compared the wear-ability of old and new material shoe covers. They were to wear the covers for a full working day on a hard industrial floor.  Within three hours the old style cover had begun to shred whilst the new cover was only a little scuffed. The material specification to achieve the necessary level of detectability is more resilient and the shoe covers last longer than the old version.

“This has also simplified the production process and we are able to match the price of the new covers to the price of the old versions” said Sean “so they are still economical disposable covers.”

The blue shoe covers measure 14cm x 40cm and are in boxes of 1000 (500 pairs) and like all Detectamet products they are supplied within Detectamet’s ISO 9001:2000 accredited quality management system. Both the sleeve and shoe covers have been approved for safe contact with food under the relevant EU and US FDA requirements.

The Detectable Non-Woven over-sleeves are made from the same detectable material as the overshoes and are available in packs of 500. With no metallic strip to position these straightforward covers are quick and easy to put on. They are elasticised at both ends and measure 19cm x 38cm.

Sean explained “Providing visitors with a better standard of shoe cover says a great deal about a food processing company, and to have the added bonus of total detectability at no extra cost tells the visitor that the company is careful of costs, careful of its reputation and careful of its customers’ goodwill. “

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About Detectamet Detectable Products Ltd

Detectamet is based near York in the UK. The company has for twelve years been supplying food production companies with tools and equipment made from metal and X-ray detectable plastics and from stainless steel.

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