"Implant!" - a Science Fiction Comic Book Kickstarter Out of Copenhagen, Denmark That Is Too Scary for Facebook

"Implant!" - the Fall of a Totalitarian Technocratic Government Tyranny

Faroese, Danish writer Einar Petersen is re-inventing his dystopic short Implant! about the fall of a totalitarian technocratic government tyranny, as a comic book.

To fund the conversion that is being executed together with graphic artists Alyssa Cooper from Canada and Alexander Sharko of Ukraine, the author has set up a Kickstarter Campaign. Included in the conversion plan is a small print run of what is estimated to be a 50 page comic book. The campaign further aims at a Faroese, Chinese and Danish translation of the story, after the English language version is released.

Finally the author is aiming at setting up a system allowing easy translation to other languages with the possibility of subsequent releases in these languages as well.

The Kickstarter runs until Friday August 19, 2016, 10:56 PM CEST. Find Implant at, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/einarpetersen/implant.

Source: Einar Petersen, P2012


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