Impact TV's Production and Hosting Capabilities Bring Virtual Events to Life

Viewers can connect with others and enjoy live events from the comfort of home with Impact TV's virtual event offerings.

​Impact TV, an OTT (over-the-top) platform that offers positive and impactful media that is safe for the whole family, is now offering production and hosting services for live virtual events. The platform aims to meet the needs of event management agencies as the demand for virtual experiences and streaming entertainment rises due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Impact TV, events such as conferences, seminars, leadership events, summits, and similar gatherings can be brought right into the homes of the countless Americans who are opting for at-home, virtual experiences during these unprecedented times.

"Impact TV is giving people the chance to enjoy live, virtual events together," said Mark Pentecost, founder of Impact TV. "For event managers and promoters, Impact TV can serve as a crucial tool, especially given the current circumstances of the world. With high-quality production value and reliable hosting technology, Impact TV is able to support live events and create the sense of community that makes these experiences so captivating."

Live events include a variety of production elements that require efficient technology for an optimal hosting experience. Virtual venue preparation, lighting, connectivity, and logistics are just a few of the many aspects that can take up time, money, and resources for event management agencies in 2020. Impact TV's technological capabilities can support event managers and studio executives as they present content that inspires, motivates, and provides purpose to live audiences.

Impact TV combines streaming entertainment and interactivity to give users the ability to watch, socialize, and interact across a single screen. The platform was made for individuals and families who want to expand their minds with positive and impactful media that's focused on entrepreneurship, faith, self-development, and social causes. 

Impact TV's virtual events offer a host of benefits, including the ability to engage with other viewers while watching virtual events, as well as glitch-free tech capabilities that create a seamless viewing experience. With the platform, users are able to connect with loved ones and people around the world with positive, uplifting, and family-friendly live events through their tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, or computers.

If you want to learn more about Impact TV's production services and hosting technology capabilities, visit their site.

About Impact TV

Impact TV is an OTT (over-the-top) platform that offers short, powerful talks from entrepreneurs and motivational leaders, uplifting movies and series, impactful documentaries, and premiere original programming. This single application combines streaming entertainment and interactive technology that creates a community for viewers. The Impact TV platform offers the option to host virtual events while giving users the ability to watch, socialize, and interact across a single screen. The best part? Impact TV is safe and enjoyable for the entire family. Visit for more information.

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