Impact TV Launches as the Family and Entrepreneur Viewing Platform of Choice

Offering curated content focused on family-values, inspiration, live-events, and social impact conversations, Impact TV strives to raise the bar in streaming platform services.

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​Impact TV is an OTT (over-the-top) platform that offers its viewers the chance to enjoy family-friendly documentaries, on-demand movies, content, and live events. With digital streaming figures at an all-time high due to the lockdown policies brought about by the ongoing health crisis, families have begun spending more quality time together as they look to stay safe during these unprecedented times. 

“Our family recognized that there was a real need for a curated streaming platform, and entrepreneurs seeking meaningful entertainment and education, ImpactTV seeks to bridge that gap,” said Mark Pentecost, founder of Impact TV. “When using an-all encompassing entertainment streaming platform, it can be difficult to select content that is fulfilling and trustworthy. With ImpactTV, we look to bring value back to family viewing by providing a reliable platform that features content that is friendly to all age groups. This gives parents peace of mind as they browse our collection of wholesome and soulful content with their kids during family movie nights.”

Historically, data shows Thanksgiving to be the most popular holiday for family streaming in the U.S., and with a growing demand for modern streaming than ever before, ImpactTV looks to deliver high-quality content to families during the special holiday season.

ImpactTV’s current offerings include short and powerful talks from entrepreneurs and motivational leaders, to hosted live events, uplifting movies, and impactful documentaries. Impact TV also features both scripted and unscripted series, exclusive premieres of original programming, and technology that creates a community for viewers of all ages. 

Impact TV is a platform that’s built for an audience who wants to feed their minds with positive, uplifting, family-friendly, and social-cause driven media to deliver intrinsic value in streaming education and entertainment. The team behind the Impact TV platform are a testament to this goal, as they are driven to create a space for families and people who want to be inspired.

About Impact TV

Impact TV is an OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform that offers content that’s been expertly curated to inspire, motivate, and provide purpose. From short, powerful talks for entrepreneurs and motivational leaders to uplifting movies, content series as well as impactful documentaries, and premiere original programming. The Impact TV platform offers businesses the capability to host live-event productions. Impact TV is reimaging the world we live in, one piece of entertainment at a time. Impact TV is safe and enjoyable for the entire family and brings its brand values of inspiration, strength, fun, among many others to life with each program. In addition to TV, smart phone, tablet, and laptop, Impact TV is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.

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Tiffany Kayar​

Source: Impact TV