Impact Theory’s Merry Modz Releases 'Dark Forest Run' Video Game

A Snowball's Throw Away From Traditional Christmas Gaming

Merry Modz - Dark Forest Run Video Game

This Christmaz, prepare to Grab Life by the Snowballz with Merry Modz, the groundbreaking holiday franchise that redefines Christmas with a dash of edgy humor and a sprinkle of empowerment. Co-created by renowned artist Francisco Herrera and entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu, Merry Modz introduces its flagship video game "Dark Forest Run," which is set to revolutionize the way families experience the holiday season.

Embrace the holiday spirit as you follow the journey of our unlikely hero, SnoBo, a terrified teen snowboy who must confront his fears and train to become a Snowman Warrior to save Christmas. Inspired by Francisco Herrera's iconic artwork, Merry Modz offers a unique and entertaining way for people of all ages to connect with the festive season through seasonal activations.

Last year saw the release of the Eyes of Fire animated short, and the centerpiece of the 2023 Merry Modz season is the release of "Dark Forest Run," an immersive and narrative-driven gaming experience built in Unreal Engine 5. 

Dark Forest Run follows SnoBo's quest to overcome his fears with the help of his best friend Kip, the engineering elf, to save Christmas. Accessible exclusively to Merry Modz holders and those who purchase a Merry Modz Kyzen item. Unlock exclusive adventures and access limited-edition MM Snow Blasters designed by Francisco Herrera, available only inside Project Kyzen.

Merry Modz and the Dark Forest Run game is tailored for families with tweens and teenagers who enjoy Christmas, animated content, and video games. Designed for those who participate in online learning and maintain friendships through social platforms, Merry Modz is set to become the go-to holiday experience for the digital-savvy generation.

Get ready to dive into the world of Merry Modz and make this Christmaz unforgettable. Grab your snowballz and join SnoBo on the ultimate quest to save Christmas.

About Merry Modz:

Merry Modz is a revolutionary holiday franchise co-created by artist Francisco Herrera and entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu. It reimagines Christmas with an empowering and edgy twist, offering a range of seasonal activations. 

About Impact Theory:

Impact Theory is a mission-driven modern media company designed to create positive change in people’s lives by relentlessly creating entertaining and empowering content. Designed as an integrated studio, Impact Theory develops and produces video games, webcomics, film & TV, and world-class YouTube and podcast content that has garnered roughly half-a-billion views on YouTube alone.

About Francisco Herrera:

Francisco Herrera, an accomplished Art Director, Comic Book, and Character Design Artist, is recognized by Forbes as one of the top American creative artists in the world. He brings a dynamic and storied career to the forefront of the creative realm, with a prolific career working with the biggest names in the comic world, including Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Superman, Star Wars, and Looney Tunes. He has been a key contributor to major projects, working with Disney Imagineering to create iconic park murals. His ongoing collaborations with Marvel Comics and Disney and his ventures into new brands and properties like Impact Theory showcase his enduring passion and influence in the ever-evolving world of art and entertainment. For more info, visit

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Impact Theory is a mission-driven modern media company designed to create positive change in people's lives through the relentless creation of entertaining and empowering content.

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