Impact Professionals, a New Family-Owned Entrepreneurial Streaming Platform, Launches and Shares Its Founding Story

Serial entrepreneur Mark Pentecost shares the driving inspiration behind the creation of multiple award-winning, million-dollar and billion-dollar brands built towards a legacy of helping others.

Impact Professionals, a newly developed, over-the-top (OTT) streaming service featuring positive and inspiring media for entrepreneurs and self-motivated individuals, announces its recent launch and shares how founder Mark Pentecost's path inspired him to develop it and other resources for future generations of entrepreneurs. A man on a lifelong journey of entrepreneurship and a champion of the non-traditional career path, he longed to make a difference in the world and advocate for those in need.

After realizing the traditional "American dream" meant trading time for dollars, Pentecost found inspiration in classic books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and The Art of the Deal. Books like these convinced him to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start creating assets instead of liabilities. 

With that refreshed mindset, he launched a lucrative real estate business where he flipped houses, took two unprofitable apartment and office complexes from the red into the black, and purchased a property to sell lumber for profit. He earned his first million dollars after joining a direct sales company that helped provide families the same opportunity to be debt-free and begin creating their own wealth.

"I realized the standard 9-5 career is not viable for most families," said Mark Pentecost, Founder of It Works! & Impact Professionals. "I wanted to be in control of my life, live it not just financially free but with abundance — and help other families do the same."

With his newly acquired wealth, combined with his ongoing entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others, Pentecost bootstrapped a global, award-winning wellness company recognized for its innovation within the beauty, nutrition, and lifestyle space that has since achieved over a billion dollars in sales.  

Pentecost also recognized the need for successful entrepreneurs to diversify; alongside his wellness company, he runs a 6,000-acre cattle and sod farm, as well as a 100-acre island with barge business. 

With philanthropy a core component of his DNA, Pentecost continues to be active in local and global non-profit organizations through charitable organizations like the It Works! Gives Back Foundation and The Pentecost Foundation. Both organizations provide financial, emotional, and practical support for causes including pediatric cancer, international crisis response, anti-human trafficking, humanitarian aid, veteran support, and community outreach.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in Florida, Pentecost continues to inspire people around the globe to unlock their entrepreneurial potential; he has no plans to stop anytime soon.  

Mark Pentecost has instilled that same drive and work ethic in his children who work closely with him on this newest business venture supporting entrepreneurship through inspiring and instructional programming. Kyler Pentecost along with Kindsey Pentecost have helped shape the content and marketing strategies that will drive this dynamic streaming business to new heights. "I have been able to meet and learn from the country's leading business people as we have watched a dramatic workforce migration away from corporate jobs toward self-employment and entrepreneurship. We will take those important insights from high-profile leaders and craft diverse programs that entertain while also instructing," said Kyler Pentecost.

Kindsey Pentecost added: "We have developed extensive experience in brand building and social outreach over the recent years, and I look forward to applying those techniques at Impact Professionals to build a community of independent and self-sustained entrepreneurs." 

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About Impact Professionals
Impact Professionals is a streaming platform developed by Impact Professionals, LLC, featuring entrepreneur-focused masterclasses as well as inspiring entertainment that helps viewers change their lives and impact the world, just as Mark Pentecost has done himself. Impact Professionals offers insightful talks from entrepreneurs and motivational leaders, exclusive access to livestreaming events, uplifting movies and series curated specifically for the Impact audience, thoughtful documentaries, original programming, and interactive technology for a safe viewing experience designed to inspire. 

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