Immuware Health Tracking Software Receives Labcorp Certifications for Faster Implementation

With its Labcorp Vendor Certification status, Immuware ensures that its clients are able to integrate much-needed immunization and illness tracking systems with ease

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Immuware, a Chicago-based software company and consulting firm, is helping organizations meet their healthcare compliance goals faster with Labcorp certifications that make it easy to integrate Immuware tools into an existing Labcorp results system.

Immuware's immunization tracking and general employee health tracking software are designed to ensure more efficiency for companies that require the tracking of employee illnesses, injuries, and vaccine status. This includes hospitals and schools and government organizations, all of which can achieve compliance at least 40% faster with the use of Immuware software tools. 

The ultimate goal with injury and vaccine management software is to allow organizations to achieve end-to-end compliance while minimizing errors and saving on administrative time. With Labcorp Vendor Certification, Immuware gets clients one step closer to implementing smarter tracking solutions, with an onboarding process that seamlessly integrates all existing Labcorp tools.

Labcorp certification means that Immuware's vaccine software has already been established as compatible with Labcorp's results interface. This provides clients with even more confidence in the overall functionality of their Immuware applications, in addition to all of the other benefits that come from faster implementation. To get up and running, Labcorp will just need to certify that a particular client's results are configured correctly in Immuware. Once that's done, the organization will be able to start putting all of Immuware's unique features to use, including real-time dashboards, automatic workflows, and other industry-leading employee and occupational health monitoring tools.

All of Immuware's healthcare tracking applications are HIPAA compliant and require no outside IT support. Labcorp certifications are just one more feature that makes Immuware a smart choice for organizations and are intended to further remove any barriers to achieving higher compliance rates.

To learn more about Immuware products, including vaccine certificate software and other Labcorp certified solutions, contact the Immuware team today for additional information or to request a free demo.

About Immuware

Immuware is a software company and consulting firm that provides businesses in the healthcare, energy, education, and government sectors with secure and easy-to-use health tracking solutions. Immuware applications include innovative vaccination management and illness tracking software, plus streamlined compliance status dashboards that increase accountability and take the guesswork out of identifying compliance gaps.

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