Immuware Employee Health Software for Compliance Now Being Used by Adventist Health

Adventist Health is one of the latest organizations to take advantage of Immuware's innovative employee healthcare tracking platform

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Immuware, a SaaS company that specializes in employee health software for compliance, is proud to announce the addition of Adventist Health to its client roster. Upon onboarding, Adventist Health joins an extensive list of other healthcare organizations that have successfully implemented Immuware's employee and occupational health tracking software.

Immuware provides health and vaccination management software systems for hospitals, educational institutions, and other organizations that require tracking of the illnesses, injuries, and immunizations of their employees. These health and medical institutions can leverage the power of Immuware from any device and any location to make necessary health status updates. This includes easy uploading of proof of vaccination and accompanying documentation for influenza, TB, Hep B, and Respirator Fit testing.

"We are thrilled to welcome Adventist Health as one of our valued Immuware customers," said an Immuware representative. "We are focused on delivering the latest secure technologies and world-class customer service to Adventist Health and all our Immuware customers."

In addition to updating immunization status, users can benefit from employee health tracking software tools like smart questionnaires to complete annual health screenings and pre-employment physicals online. To ensure efficiency and compliance, Immuware automatically reminds employees via text and email when they are due for testing.

Immuware's occupational health solutions are specially designed to help organizations improve overall employee health compliance. With Immuware's real-time dashboards, Adventist Health leadership will be able to instantly view compliance tracking at every level of their organization, as well as benefit from employee health and pre-hire workflows that are tailored to meet their unique organizational needs.

For Adventist Health staff, Immuware offers tools that allow them to easily view the status of their compliance 24/7 from any device. Immuware will also be seamlessly integrated with several external enterprise applications and lab vendors, streamlining previously manual and labor-intensive processes and ensuring all information is up to date.

To learn more about how Adventist Health and other organizations are using Immuware employee health systems and solutions, please visit for product information or to request a free demo.

About Immuware

Immuware is a software company and consulting firm that provides businesses in the healthcare, energy, education, and government sectors with secure and easy-to-use health tracking solutions. Immuware applications include innovative vaccination management and illness tracking software, plus streamlined compliance status dashboards that increase accountability and take the guesswork out of identifying compliance gaps.

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