Imagene Wins Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Its Revolutionary AI-Based Molecular Testing for Cancer Diagnosis

Best Practices Award - Imagene

Imagene, an emerging leader in the field of AI-based precision oncology, is proud to announce its win of the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award in AI-based molecular testing for cancer diagnosis.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in leadership and technological innovation. Imagene AI has been acknowledged for its groundbreaking technology and commitment to innovation and creativity in supporting physicians and patients.

Ashish Kaul, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said, "Imagene's AI-based molecular testing technology scales to streamline cancer care processes and needs. It accelerates cancer diagnosis via accurate, image-based, immediate biomarker profiling, overcoming existing barriers and revolutionizing the market. Frost & Sullivan anticipates rapid, widespread technology adoption."

Imagene AI's technology can detect a wide range of cancer biomarkers in real-time, generating immediate genomic insights from digitized biopsy images alone. By reducing the time-to-results of molecular testing from several weeks to minutes, Imagene's AI-based solution transforms cancer diagnosis and advances precision medicine.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan, which validates our dedication to delivering world-class AI-based molecular testing solutions for cancer diagnosis," said Dean Bitan, Co-founder and CEO of Imagene. "Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with immediate and accurate biomarker profiling, empowering them with crucial information that enables optimal navigation in the complex cancer diagnosis process. This recognition affirms our commitment to innovation and to helping cancer patients in getting the most optimal treatment medicine can offer."

Frost & Sullivan recognizes the high value and accuracy levels of Imagene's AI-based molecular diagnosis solution and its strategic partnerships with leading medical centers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Imagene's technology also supports pharmaceutical companies' drug research and development activities, enabling optimal patient stratification for clinical trial optimization.

With its strong overall performance and dedication for bringing value to physicians and patients, Imagene AI is poised to set new market trends and address unmet needs in cancer care. The Frost & Sullivan 2023 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award recognizes Imagene's ongoing excellence and pioneering leadership role in the AI-based molecular testing for cancer diagnosis market.

About Imagene

Imagene is an emerging leader in the field of AI-based precision oncology, leveraging AI to profile, in real-time, a broad range of cancer biomarkers from a digitized biopsy image alone. Imagene's AI-based molecular diagnostic solutions streamline cancer care processes and accelerate cancer diagnosis through precise, image-based, immediate biomarkers profiling. 

Imagene is an award-winning diverse BioMed startup with an experienced, passionate and bright team. Our success derives from our cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biologists, software engineers, and medical experts. The company collaborates with top-tier medical centers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. 

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