IM Sports™ Adds Two New Football Arm Compression Sleeves

To meet the increased demand for football arm compression sleeves iM Sports is adding two new forearm sleeves to its lineup.

iM Sports™ has been manufacturing protective sports compression sleeves for years and the recent surge in demand for football arm sleeves has prompted the company to introduce two new forearm sleeves for the gridiron. "Popular NFL and college players like RG3 and Johnny Manziel who both wear arm sleeves have really helped to boost our sales in the football category" explains iM Sports founder Mo Nelson. "Every high school and Pop Warner player wants to wear an arm sleeve now and that's why we've added two new football forearm sleeves to the line-up at our Website" continues Mo.

Starting in February iM Sports will offer a forearm 9" and a forearm 6" compression sleeve at their online store. Both the "Blitz", which is the 9" sleeve, and the "Lil Blitz", which is the 6" sleeve, will be available in four different sizes. "We understand that we've got quite a few competitors out there outsourcing their manufacturing to China and only offering a few colors and sizes" states Mo. "Our color selection and size offering are what help set our American made iM Sports sleeves apart from the rest" concludes Mo. The "Blitz" sleeve comes in twelve different colors and patterns, while the "Lil Blitz" is offered in seven different colors and patterns. The "Blitz" retails for $12.95 and the "Lil Blitz" retails for $11.95. Customers at iM Sports receive free shipping on all domestic orders over $25.

The entire iM Sports football arm sleeve line now includes a full arm sleeve, "Smashmouth", a three-quarter length sleeve, "Gridiron", a forearm 9" sleeve, "The Blitz", and a forearm 6" sleeve, "Lil Blitz." iM Sports compression sleeves are manufactured in Southern California and the company has been in business since 2008. The company also sells other sports apparel and accessories for running, basketball, baseball, swimming and golf. iM Sports plans to continue offering additional styles and colors in all the sports categories it serves.