Ilumina Launches the Continuity of Care Concierge Program for Personal Injury Law Firms

 ​Today, Ilumina is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking new program to assist law firms in providing a higher quality of care to clients suffering from the short and long-term effects of personal injuries.

"Our Continuity of Care model provides an innovative end-to-end concierge service, safeguarding against any medical issues suffered by accident victims from falling through the cracks” according to Ilumina’s CEO, Danny Grossi.

Ilumina’s Continuity of Care model revolutionizes healthcare delivery by combining innovative telemedicine consultations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology to enhance patient care and complement the physician/patient relationship, while building a client’s file intelligently, efficiently and effectively.

“Individuals who have suffered trauma as a consequence of a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall injury or another type of accident can struggle physically, emotionally and financially through the litigation process,” continues Grossi.

“Our ultimate goal is to help law firms simplify the patient pathway, and we are thrilled to see the early adoption of the Continuity of Care model.”

How the Continuity of Care concierge program can benefit personal injury law firms

  • The Continuity of Care program has been created to ensure all medical issues are addressed on a routine and ongoing basis and that maximum medical recovery is attained
  • Initial, Interim and Final file reviews with corresponding case evaluations are conducted throughout the Continuity of Care concierge program to evaluate the case for merit
  • File reviews inform lawyers regarding their clients’ medical status and employability
  • Recommendations are provided, including: Diagnostic Evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluation’s (IME), and continuation of Allied Health Programs to build cases in an appropriate, cost-effective manner, resulting in a win-win for both client and lawyer
  • The program removes guessing out of building a file by determining if objective evidence is present or absent
  • The Continuity of Care program is designed to free up time, money and resources for law firms and increase efficiencies by making objective medical evidence available to the legal team from the onset

About Ilumina  

Ilumina is revolutionizing the healthcare and medical-legal industry by providing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and concierge-like solutions to help patients navigate the challenges observed in both the healthcare and medical-legal system. 

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Source: Ilumina