illumiSonics Inc. Expands Its Board of Directors With the Appointment of Dr. Kevin Fahey

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illumiSonics Inc., a medical tissue imaging company, announced today the appointment of Kevin Fahey, Ph.D., to the Board of Directors. The company has taken this action in anticipation of its growth and the commercial introduction of its proprietary Photo Acoustic Remote Sensing (PARS) tissue imaging platform.

"Dr. Fahey brings new skills and will help us to improve the strength of our board of directors. His knowledge in the field and his passion for making an impact is impressive. We are looking forward to working with him," said Dr. Parsin Haji Reza Chairman.

"Dr. Fahey brings commercial imaging domain expertise and industry-specific relationships to fully enable the power and unique capabilities of PARS as we fundamentally change the way the world looks at living tissue," said Rocky Ganske CEO.

"PARS brings all of the valuable imaging of traditional photoacoustics, uniquely without the need for an interface. This capability opens several clinical applications not possible today with any other commercial imaging technology. We believe this creates a number of product and partnering opportunities for illumiSonics, and I am looking forward to participating," said Dr. Fahey.

Dr. Fahey held executive positions at Xradia (acquired by ZEISS) and FEI (acquired by ThermoFisher), and at both large and small companies. In every case, he drove dramatic growth, creating new business lines and implementing integrated sales and marketing channels that drove rapid increases in sales. Dr. Fahey holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a B.S. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

illumiSonics' proprietary PARS photoacoustic remote sensing technology is a revolution in optical imaging. Like traditional photoacoustic imaging, PARS measures optical absorption and is capable of providing functional and molecular imaging of anything that can absorb light. Traditional photoacoustic imaging has been constrained by the need to have contact with targeted tissues, the size of transducers and an inability to easily integrate with other optical imaging techniques. PARS is the first fully optical, non-contact photoacoustic imaging technology. This allows PARS to maintain all of the advantages of photoacoustic imaging while addressing its shortcomings, which provides incredible flexibility in how it can be deployed. 

About illumiSonics

illumiSonics develops, patents and commercializes PARS┬« advanced optical imaging systems for a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical applications. Founded in 2014, illumiSonics is a privately held medical device company with offices in Toronto, ON, Canada with R&D facilities in Waterloo, ON. The company's executive team of medical device leaders holds an excellent track record of successfully building companies and improving outcomes for clinicians and patients. The technical R&D teams are made up of the pioneers in PARS technology. illumiSonics works with market-leading partners to develop systems for specific applications. 


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