IIT-JEE Coaching Institute Offers Two Year Study Course for 11th Studying Students…

The Gurukul Institute is offering an extended two year programme for 11th studying students looking to appear in IIT-JEE exams with timely preparations…

Students studying in eleventh standard considering to prepare for IIT-JEE exams with the sufficient time preparation can now join IIT-JEE coaching Ghaziabad. The Gurukul Institute is offering a two year extended study course for IIT aspirants at affordable fee charges.

The Gurukul Institute is leading institute of IIT-JEE coaching Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, providing complete training and teaching to prepare for IIT main and IIT advance exams. The institute offers various interactive courses, which are designed for different type of aspirants studying in various school classes. And it also organize teaching classes for commerce subjects and provides commerce coaching Ghaziabad for school students and higher level of courses pursued by school passed aspirants.

Actually, preparing for competitive exams requires extraordinary method of learning and training. And IIT exam is one of the most emulative exams in India which is very hard to crack or gain considerable marks to book seats in India's top engineering colleges. So, students looking to appear for such exam need to join IIT-JEE coaching Vasundhara where they will get a professional training provided by qualified teachers who teach them useful topics and best problem solving tricks to solve question papers successfully.

The Gurukul Institute is offering a specially designed two year course for 11th studying students who want to prepare for IIT-JEE exam with the sufficient time and with more comprehensiveness. It is only for 11th class students and covers all the topics of school subjects which are similar to IIT exams. With the long teaching hours, useful study materials and series of mid-term tests, the course is perfect combination of complete education and training helping aspirants to get ready for exams with full of confidence.

Students who have recently promoted into 11th standard and considering to prepare for IIT exam timely can join the upcoming batch at The Gurukul, which are going to start from the next month. Students who will join this two year course will get enough time and prepare with less pressure while focusing on their school syllabus. And aspirants, after passing 12th standard except commerce students who are taking commerce coaching Indirapuram, all the engineering aspirants can also take coaching with various other courses offered by The Gurukul Institute. Interested students can take admissions now after depositing registration fee and attend the classes as per the schedules and course curriculums.

About the Institute: The Gurukul Institute is a leading coaching institute in north India providing coaching classes services for CBSE / IIT / JEE Main and Advance / Commerce and academics examinations. The institute is located in Ghaziabad and organize interactive coaching classes for IIT-JEE and Medical entrance examinations and also offer franchise ownership to run such classes in other cities in India.