IIMSAM Mid East Office under auspices of Dr. Naseer Homoud is sponsoring a Mega Sporting event in Jordan

IIMSAM GWA and Director of its Middle East Office Dr. Naseer Homoud supports the Veteran Players Arab Championship to be held from May 3 to 10 in Amman under the flag of International Jordanian Athletes Cultural Association

Dr. Naseer Homoud is broadly acclaimed for his adore and support for sports and due to his profound attachment to sports his continuous support for sporting events all across the Middle East region is much-admired. Recently he received an honor from International Jordanian Athletes Cultural Association which expressed its gratitude for Dr. Homoud for his support and sponsorship of the mega sporting event of veteran players scheduled to be held in Amman from May 3 to 10, 2010.

This mega event of football is being organized under aegis of International Jordanian Athletes Cultural Association to mark the birthday of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain. Princess Haya also leads this association as president and it was her sincere and honest efforts which materialized and established the association in Jordan for the welfare and support of Jordanian sportsmen and sportswomen.

Dr. Homoud has been supporting and sponsoring several sporting events in Jordan and Middle East region under banner of IIMSAM and he believes that sports should be used as a connection to unite all, irrespective of their personal affiliations. In his view, sport events should be supported from all corners because it directly related to ultimate benefit of mankind. "To live a healthy life requires sports and they provide people with entertainment and something to get excited about and they are topics for conversation. They provide a common bond for complete strangers and a common team to cheer for". Dr. Homoud said.

The event is being sponsored by IIMSAM Middle East Regional Office under aegis of GWA and Regional Director Dr. Naseer Homoud and in appreciation of his initiatives and support; the International Jordanian Athletes Cultural Association has decided to name the runner up trophy under the name of Dr. Homoud. This decision was taken up by the board of the association and it, in its official notification, thanked Dr. Homoud for his support for the event in general and for veteran players in particular.

Dr. Homoud is extensively known for his support to sports and to this end, he has sponsored a number of sporting events under the banner of IIMSAM. He believes that such acts bring happiness on faces of people who loves sports and also unites people. He added "Sports may not be the most important thing in life, but often times, they have the wonderful ability of being able to bring people together. Sports can take on extra significance, rally a group of people and create a positive impact on society".