IGI, LLC Partners With Grain Pro, Inc. to Provide Pesticidal Fumigation Solutions for Commodity Shippers

IGI, LLC’s EPA approved CO2 has been organically certified. Combined with Grain Pro Inc.'s pesticide free organic fumigation and airtight storage systems, IGI’s organic carbon dioxide gives the organic grower/shipper a way to move their products without using poisons or pesticides.

IGI, LLC (Inert Gas Injection, LLC) has entered into an exclusive agreement with Grain Pro, Inc. of Concord, Massachusetts, a world leader in Ultra-Hermetic storage, beginning with the states of California, Oregon and Washington with IGI's EPA approved and certified organic Carbon Dioxide pesticide. The IGI CO2 is approved to replace harsh toxins such as methyl bromide and combined with Grain Pro’s unique TransSafeliner™ air tight systems for making shipping containers airtight, allows pesticide free fumigation to be easily accomplished without the fear of toxic chemicals being released into the atmosphere to endanger workers or being absorbed by food products that are meant for animal or human consumption.

IGI, LLC CO2 provides an environmentally safe and non-toxic approach that is certified for use in organic farming and product transport. Coupled with Grain Pro’s proven ultra-hermetic solutions for carbon dioxide fumigation of bulk and in-transit shipping containers, growers and shippers now have a complete Organic and EPA approved solution for their fumigation needs.

This unique technology provides a biologically efficient solution that allows elimination of the targeted pests with no residual chemical to harm children, pets, wildlife or workers. Since an inert gas is used for eradication the regular or CERTIFIED ORGANIC CO2, is delivered directly into the Grain Pro Hermetic TransSafeliner™ (TSL) depending on the fumigation and transportation situation. The CO2 remains inside the storage unit until the cargo container is opened at the delivery site which may be days or weeks later, thereby assuring the freshness, low oxygen and low humidity in the totally fumigated contents to be pest and larvae free.

Utilizing the GrainPro Cocoon™ bagging systems IGI can also provide on-site fumigation prior to shipping. This method is employed to safely store dry agricultural commodities for a year or more without using any chemicals. This storage system also allows IGI CO2 fumigation that results in 100% insect mortality of all life stages in 10 days or less. Because the IGI CO2 is certified for organic use, this also gives the organic farmer a solution for moving products that have not been available before in the U.S.

“As you can see, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of pest control,” said Mr. Dentone. “And provides solutions at our many ports of import and export that have not been available before.”

About Inert Gas Injection, LLC. IGI, LLC, founded in 2013, is the world’s only provider of Certified Organic and EPA approved CO2 for pest control. For more information, see our website at www.eliminatorbyigi.com
or contact Al Dentone at corp@eliminatorbyigi.com.

About Grainpro Inc. since 1992 the company has provided ultra-hermetic storage and is now in 110 countries. For more information see www.Grainpro.com or contact Philiooe Villers (pvillers@grainpro.com).

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About Inert Gas Injection, LLC: IGI, LLC, founded in 2013, is the world's only provider of Organic CO2 solution combined with multiple delivery systems. IGI, LLC is located in Acampo, CA. All manufacturing is done in Lodi, CA.