iFX Expo, an Annual Business-to-Business Financial Expo, Begins

At the iFX expo, over 1,000 service providers will descend upon Limassol, Cyprus, in hopes of directly connecting with business owners who may be in need of their products or services. Over 30,000 attendees are expected to be in attendance over the course of the two-day event. Visitors to the expo will be treated to entertainment, networking events, high-quality dining, and much more. One attendee of note is Global Liquidity Business Development Manager, Jeroen Waning.

Waning, who specializes in cryptocurrency liquidity solutions for Forex brokers, will be available to meet and speak directly with owners and representatives from both established brokerages, as well as those which are still in the development phase. Waning, who will be in attendance for both days of the event, has made it clear that he is very much looking forward to speaking with others about the services provided by Global Liquidity. "There's a very real need for trading services which connect traders to cryptocurrency trading. We provide those exact services in a reliable and affordable manner," said Waning.

The incredible surge in cryptocurrency usage has sparked a chain reaction of sorts, quickly reaching the financial trading markets. The demand for crypto trading is very real, as traders want to attempt to profit from cryptocurrency price movements. These traders are looking to their Forex brokers to provide them with this ability, which means that Forex brokers must look for someone who can help them to provide such a service. This is where companies such as Global Liquidity enter the picture. While the number of companies offering this type of service is finally starting to increase, there remains a limited number of providers who offer stable services at low rates.

"What we are offering is a way for brokers to offer cryptocurrency trading directly to their clients without any need to accept ultra-high-risk levels and ultra-expensive fees," Waning said. "Global Liquidity worked hard to negotiate excellent rates with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges before even opening our doors. These attractive rates, when combined with ultra-low latency execution and a tested and stable network make Global Liquidity an excellent choice for brokers who want to provide crypto trading options within the trading platforms," also said Waning.

iFX Expo, which has now been held yearly for a full decade, has long been an event which brought together brokers such as FXCM, eToro, and ThinkForex with service providers such as MetaQuotes and Global Liquidity. This B2B connection is certainly one which stands to benefit both sides, as well as the traders who make use of online trading platforms. Where before, traders were content to trade standard currencies only, today, traders want direct access to platforms which allow them to take advantage of the volatility and steep price movements that cryptocurrencies often bring. For businesses such as Global Liquidity, there has never been a better time to offer services which make this a reality.

Source: Global Liquidity

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