iFLY Oceanside Utilizes 'Smart Energy' the First Wind Tunnel Powered by TESLA

Welcoming the New, Cutting Edge Tesla Powerpacks to iFLY Oceanside. A step forward in renewable energy -Tesla Powerpack - catching eyes & gaining momentum.

iFLY Oceanside

​iFLY Oceanside installs Tesla Powerpacks, which are being deployed as a step forward in greening the indoor skydiving facility.

iFLY Oceanside serves up adrenaline-packed fun to adventure seekers, young and old, in search of a unique experience. Discover the freedom of bodyflight in the vertical wind tunnel, nestled just north of LEGOLAND and south of the Oceanside Pier – off Highway 78.

“We absolutely loved getting our whole family together to fly. Everyone from my youngest grandchildren to my 78-year-old husband had a great time. We can’t wait to go back!” -Janet R.

iFLY Oceanside also serves as a training tool for local military units; facilitating freefall simulation in a controlled environment, allowing them to refine the flight skills they rely on.

“The experienced gained through flying at iFLY Oceanside has been an invaluable tool, in both expediting training and gaining the confidence in our abilities required to carry out missions effectively and without hesitation.” -Military Operator

What is a Tesla Powerpack? Composed of 16 Tesla batteries, Powerpack’s cooling system is adopted from the Model 3. iFLY Oceanside Powerpacks charge at a low-usage periods, then feed excess energy into the grid at peak-load times. This process unburdens the power grid, thereby reducing the environmental impact of power consumption. Tesla founder, Elon Musk’s objective is to "fundamentally change the way the world uses energy" . The Powerpack is optimized for daily cycling, such as the load shifting and peak shaving it will perform at iFLY Oceanside.

How this affects iFLY Oceanside and the surrounding communities:  As a local Veteran Family owned business, reducing environmental impact for the next generation is a priority. Cleaner, more efficient energy storage and delivery systems are being implemented, as iFLY Oceanside is minimizing energy consumption, and the impact of it – making a greener facility, while providing unparalleled experiences.

Tesla Powerpack benefits flying athletes! Flyer Naya Dixon calls iFLY Oceanside home. At just 13, Naya multi-medaled at the 2019 US Indoor Skydiving National Championships, qualifying to compete in the upcoming World Championships. Naya was introduced to the world of bodyflight two years ago on a family outing. “I have the special opportunity to participate in a sport which mixes competitive focus with every kid's dream of flying. Bodyflight makes me feel free - free to fly fast, fly pretty or just fly for fun,” she shares. Tesla Powerpacks improve efficiency, allowing Naya to fly longer and faster, as she trains to debut her skills on the world stage this month.

iFLY Oceanside’s vertical wind tunnel has numerous applications, including an amazing experience for first timers as young as 3, who wish to truly fly in a safe environment; training athletes, military units, and skydivers; as well as educational STEM programs.

For all media inquiries, please contact our Marketing Team at 760-282-3097 or via e-mail at info@iflyoceanside.com

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