If You Are Thinking About Hiring A Tax Attorney Consider An Enrolled Agent First

The average taxpayer in distress will search for tax attorneys online to begin the process of mitigating their tax problems. However, hiring an Enrolled Agent can save you money and help you achieve the same or better results.

A tax attorney can be a great source of assistance if you really need one. What most taxpayers in distress don't understand is that they do not necessarily need the high cost representation of a tax attorney unless they have committed a criminal offense or unless they have committed serious cases of tax fraud. Enrolled Agents, on the other hand, are excellent sources of assistance for people seeking tax relief that may not want to pay the typical billable hour compensation structure required of most tax attorneys.

Enrolled Agents are the only providers of tax relief that obtain their license from the IRS directly. They are federally regulated and, more importantly, Enrolled Agents must take continuing education courses to stay abreast of changes in the complicated tax code. "Many of our clients have initially sought the assistance of an attorney first only to find the cost of representation is outside of their ability to pay..." said Andrew Allard, Enrolled Agent and Director of Tax Negotiation for IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc, "...more importantly, these same clients can find the same or even better results from Enrolled Agents because we are trained to solve tax problems effectively. Attorneys and CPA's do not have to specialize in tax problem mitigation unlike Enrolled Agents. We can help tax payers in distress effectively for a lower cost which I find benefits people significantly especially when they need to pay the IRS back taxes or penalties."

What makes IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc. unique in the field of tax resolution is that every file is managed personally by an Enrolled Agent with 30 years of experience. If you would like a complimentary consultation with a firm that provides results and personal service at a price that is affordable, contact IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc. You may request a free consultation at www.IRSTaxReliefNow.org or call direct at + 888.332.8959 to schedule a time to speak with a representative.

Before you hire anyone to represent you before the IRS it is important to know that experience specifically in tax relief and a track record of results is what you should look for first. Having a law degree or having a license to practice as a CPA does not necessarily mean attorneys and CPA's can effectively mitigate tax problems.