IDTechEx Showcases Why Boston is at the Heart of the 3D Printing Revolution

3D printing is rapidly reaching industrial commercialization in numerous sectors; IDTechEx forecast that the total market will be worth $22bn by 2028. A new 3D Printing commercial insight forum is being hosted at the Autodesk facilities in Boston, Massachusetts, May 8-9, 2019. This event provides expert led sessions giving technical analysis, commercial understanding and market outlooks across key topic areas. Each session will be conducted by an IDTechEx analyst and include a high-profile industrial speaker to give their key findings and opinions.

Boston is one of the key hubs in North America, if not globally, for the cutting edge advancement of 3D printing technologies. There is no shortage of prolific start-ups, academics and multinational corporations based within Boston, leveraging the area’s longstanding expertise in robotic development and additive manufacturing. Several exceptional start-ups from the Boston area will be presenting at the IDTechEx 3D Printing Business and Technology Insights Forum, along with other world-leading companies, highlighting how their innovations are leading the next manufacturing revolution that is Industry 4.0.

The event opens with a Forum dedicated to the latest 3D Printing Equipment and Software technological advancements and features two disruptors in the field of 3D printing of polymers. Rize introduced their hybrid extrusion and inkjet technology known as Augmented Polymer Deposition. Their Rize One printer reliably produces parts with minimal anisotropy, exceeding the strength of other materials printed via extrusion, even carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

BigRep is famous for its large scale fused filament fabrication, and their new Metering Extruder Technology promises reliable high precision and quality, perfect for high volume printing around the clock.

A session is dedicated to progressions and commercial significance of lightweight designs using 3D Printing. As a leading automotive OEM, Toyota holds a commanding oversight of this industry. As part of this session, their central R&D labs will give a presentation on their progressions in utilizing 3D printing and topology optimization for lightweight designs.

A key consideration in any 3D printing application is the choice of material. A dedicated session provides an overview of the different materials explored by 3D Printing, led by IDTechEx analysts and featuring guest speakers local to the Boston area, Digital Alloys and 3D Fortify. Backed by Boeing, Digital Alloys have garnered considerable attention for their Joule metal printing process which promises to be the fastest way to make the hardest parts, using any metal or multimetal wire feedstock. Next, are composite materials and process developers, 3D Fortify, whose Digital Composite Manufacturing method allows for the production of best in class reinforced composite materials, ideal for key AM growth industries such as aerospace & defense.

The 3D Printing in the Medical & Dental Industry Forum is dedicated to the application of 3D printing technology to the medical sector including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and surgical guides and implants. The industrial speaker in this session is CELLINK, a leading 3D bioprinting company providing the latest technologies in 3D bioprinters and bioinks. CELLINK will introduce to attendees the 3D bioprinting process, CELLINK’s work on bioink development, and how the company has been pushing the envelope on this emerging technology.

The forum sessions will be accompanied by a tour of Autodesk’s facilities and tabletop exhibition.

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