IDSolutions and Ignis Health Announce Expanded Partnership: On a Mission to Help Healthcare Providers Expand Virtual Care Programs in 2021

Webinar Series to Educate Healthcare Organizations on Funding and Expanding Telehealth Services

IDSolutions (IDS), an end-to-end telehealth solutions provider and creator of MedSitter®, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Ignis Health, the leading provider of telehealth implementation and performance measurement software.

Together, IDS and Ignis Health enable healthcare providers to deliver better, faster, and more meaningful service to patients, as well as find efficiencies in their own operations. "We are excited to partner directly with Ignis Health," says Tracy Mills, President and CEO of IDS. "It's clear that hospitals are looking for new affordable solutions to analyze their telehealth services. With Ignis Health, we can now assist them not only operationally deliver better services, but also provide better, more responsive patient care, which is most critical right now."

"As a result of the pandemic, health systems' leadership went from trying to capture the value of telehealth and justify ROI to actually using telehealth in the forefront," adds Najib Ben Brahim, Founder and CEO of Ignis Health. "Both IDS and Ignis Health recognize the need for enhanced performance reporting on both clinical and operational data is a necessity for all providers. TRP is a turnkey, comprehensive software for telehealth utilization and optimization."

Grant-Funded Telehealth Webinar Series

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the United States, states, payers, and providers are looking for ways to expand access to telehealth services in their communities. 

Federal agencies such as the FCC, HHS, HRSA and USDA are granting billions in funding to assist hospitals and other health care providers to cover telehealth costs, which are now available to all healthcare organizations regardless of size, location and other demographics. 

 "The necessity to expand and optimize virtual care and telehealth programs, is core to sustainability of today's health care systems," shares Philip Wolford, Director of Telehealth & Sales Engineer at IDS. "Enhanced programs leveraging real-time analytics lead to improved safety, increased revenue, reduced readmissions, as well as patient retention in a competitive market."

To educate healthcare providers and enable them with the skills and tools they need to expand their telehealth offerings, the two organizations are hosting a series of webinars.  The first of which, 2021 Grant Opportunities: How IDS + Ignis Health Can Help You Apply, Fund and Expand Your Telehealth Program is scheduled for Dec. 17, 2020. The session will be available to everyone and is free of charge.

 During this webinar, telehealth experts from IDS & Ignis Health will:

  • Review upcoming grants for 2021, basic criteria, and how to apply
  • Discuss how adding data, analytics and reporting to your telehealth program can immediately boost ROI
  • Share customer success stories and use case examples for telehealth program audit, compliance and tracking

To attend the webinar, register here.

"Covid-19 changed the need and requirements for telehealth," explains Rob Solomon, upcoming speaker during the series and Director of Healthcare Business Development of IDS. "Pre-Covid, telehealth program leaders were able to effectively manage usage using the built-in analytics provided separately by each application. Due to the pandemic, healthcare providers were forced to expand their telemedicine access exponentially and quickly realized they did not have the tools required to tell their 'telehealth story' real-time. By leveraging Ignis Health's data, analytic & software solution, providers can manage their program using multiple tools, allowing them to adjust and scale their needs."

"We believe that a webinar series, with expert advice and a live Q&A for attendees, is the best way to quickly address the wide range of telehealth funding concerns right now," says Mills. "Together with Ignis, we are on a mission to ensure all eligible institutions have the resources needed to expand their telemedicine programs that thrive now and into the future."

About IDS

IDSolutions (IDS) has been engineering and innovating video communication solutions for 20 years. IDS has evolved and grown into a team who are passionate about maximizing user experiences across multiple industries and is committed to using the best of their entire AV catalog to help businesses and organizations connect, communicate, and thrive. Innovation makes the difference at IDS, especially with their telehealth offerings. MedSitter, IDS' state-of-the-art patient observation program exemplifies what is possible, and it's just the beginning.

About Ignis Health

Ignis Health is the leading provider of telehealth implementation and performance measurement software to health care organizations committed to delivering accessible and affordable high-quality care using telehealth. Its cloud-based platforms are enabling health care providers to implement new telehealth services swiftly and improve existing services on a constant basis through operations data and ROI. Ignis Health envisions a future where telehealth is just health.

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