IdRamp Named Microsoft Entra Verified ID Service Partner

Strengthen your defenses and simplify identity verification with Microsoft Entra Verified ID

IdRamp, a leader in decentralized identity orchestration and digital transformation, today announced that it has been recognized as a Microsoft Entra Verified ID Services and solution partner. This prestigious appointment demonstrates IdRamp’s expertise in advisory, implementation, integration, and managed services for delivering secure and seamless solutions using Microsoft (MS) Entra Verified ID.

Digital identity fraud, phishing and fake credentials are leading business risks that cost the global economy over $5 trillion in annual losses. MS Entra Verified ID is an open standards-based solution that helps organizations protect themselves from the risk and loss of identity fraud, phishing, and credential attacks. It automates the verification of identity credentials and enables secure, privacy-preserving interactions between organizations and users.

IdRamp, a decentralized identity orchestration platform, automates Entra Verified ID integration and administration, simplifying IT operations and empowering businesses to accelerate digital transformation efforts across a wide range of systems. With zero-code administration, IdRamp offers unified interoperability and centralized control for a streamlined solution to control digital identities across diverse systems.

“Entra Verified ID is a game-changing solution for digital identity security and online trust. It provides a simple user experience that delivers leading-edge protection and infinite flexibility for business transformation. MS Entra Verified ID with IdRamp orchestration saves organizations time and money on service delivery and risk management across the clouds” said Mike Vesey, CEO and founder at IdRamp.

Verified ID Orchestration simplifies the management of multiple identity services and security tools, including password removal, multi-factor authentication, document proofing, biometric verification, know your customer, identity attestation, and next-generation Web3 authentication. To learn more about how Entra Verified ID and IdRamp orchestration can transform your business, contact IdRamp today.

About IdRamp

IdRamp is a decentralized identity orchestration platform that automates the deployment and control of multi-cloud services and identity technologies, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, proofing, know your customer (KYC), document verification, FIDO, verifiable credentials, consent management, and data mastering. IdRamp provides zero-code administration through a simple dashboard that delivers seamless interoperability with existing platforms. Organizations can save time and money on deployment and operations with IdRamp, while also increasing security and the pace of digital transformation.

Source: IdRamp