Ideata Analytics Launches Beta Program for It's Big Data Analytics Platform

Ideata Analytics has announced beta program for it's flagship big data analytics product designed for business users to easily derive powerful insights from data for a more informed decision making.

Ideata Analytics helps users connect to a variety of data sources to perform a unified data analysis including big data systems like Hadoop, Cassandra and Mongo DB, traditional databases and flat files. Using the software's inbuilt suggestive data cleaning interface, users can wrangle and transform data to prepare it for analysis without any complex ETL or programming.

The software provides an in-built machine learning modeling interface to help users easily build advanced analytic models without any technical expertise. Users can visually work with the data to develop insights with an easy to use drag and drop interface. They can further deep dive into data using advanced drill down and data slicing features to better understand every aspect of it. They can share the results with the team and management, using the inbuilt dashboarding and collaboration features.

"With the enormous amount of data we are generating, it is getting tremendously challenging for business users to make sense of the data" says Pranjal Jain, Founder of Ideata Analytics. "Ideata Analytics addresses this problem by providing a unified platform where businesses can integrate their data and question it in real time instead of relying on IT teams"

The software is built on apache spark enabling users to analyze billions of data points including historical and real time transactional data points. "Spark is one of the most powerful open source processing engine which gives us the ability to analyze huge amount of data. We are using it to support our data processing, advanced analytics and interactive queries" explains Pranjal.

The company is working with leaders in Financial industry, FMCG and Retail industries by helping them with customer analytics, supply chain optimization and regulatory compliance solutions.

The company has forged technology partnerships with all leading Hadoop distributors including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR Technologies. To expand its customer reach, the company has built partnership with HP and Amazon Web Services with built to support data lake options for HP Vertica and AWS Redshift. The software has its own analytics engine, but also supports integration with Microsoft Excel and other leading visualization applications. Further, the software can be deployed on premise as well as on private clouds with AWS, google cloud platform and Microsoft Azure as the supported cloud platforms.

Ideata Analytics is committed to work with businesses to enable faster, better decision making using it's end-to-end data analytics platform. Ideata Analytics team includes veterans from banking and telecommunication industries with years of experience in big data, BI and analytics. The company has partnered with companies including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, HP and AWS.

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