IdeaPros Launches Cradle-to-Maturity Solution for Entrepreneurs

Ideapros provides custom, hands-on partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs

IdeaPros, the first company in the world designed to take entrepreneurs through every step of the creative process, from brilliant idea to robust, mature company, announced that it has begun accepting clients in the U.S. and Canada. Conceptualized and created by two veteran entrepreneurs, Frederick Cary and Michael Corradini, the new organization enables entrepreneurs to maximize their probability of success through all stages of development, from concept validation through financing rounds, either traditionally, or through crowdfunding platforms, investor groups, and even on shows like Shark Tank®.

Many people have potentially great ideas, but few see that idea mature past the thought process, much less into a well-positioned, profitable company. IdeaPros changes that. IdeaPros is the only firm that cultivates and nurtures great ideas through its unique, agile product development process. IdeaPros refines and pivots products rapidly using real-world feedback to create viable products that people will buy on a large-scale basis.

Over six million new businesses are opened every year, yet only a small percentage receive funding or otherwise succeed. IdeaPros changes that dynamic by preparing and executing crowdfunding campaigns and other financing events that leverage product development — AFTER a complete business analysis has been performed and the company properly positioned.

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo lack the support entrepreneurs need to launch with success. And many entrepreneurs attempt their own fundraising efforts with little chance of success because they don’t have the expertise necessary to properly position what they have or even understand the market demand and potential for their products. IdeaPros works through this, as well as a deep knowledge and investigation of the competitive market and how to differentiate themselves in order to capture significant market share.  Entrepreneurs need a partner that can work with them every step of the way in order to maximize the probability of success.  With the advent of IdeaPros, that partner now exists for the best minds with the best ideas. 

As industry veteran, Chairman and Co-Founder, Frederick Cary put it: “We created this company because, while there is disjointed help for entrepreneurs at several levels of growth, we’ve seen that there was no true vehicle to empower entrepreneurs from cradle to maturity — and that's become our passion. The company is new — because nothing like it has ever existed — but we are longtime veterans in company formation, product development and marketing, and corporate finance. We have brought many new products and services to the market — and we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.”

To check out more information about IdeaPros or apply to become a partner, you can click here.

About the Founders: Frederick Cary and Michael Corradini have started over 20 companies of their own, brought one public, had two more acquired by public companies, have consulted over 300 companies from the ground up, and raised over one billion dollars. Mr. Cary has been featured as a top 5% executive in America, in the prestigious America’s Most Honored Professionals for several years, including 2017, and has received a “Distinguished” rating in 2017 from Martindale-Hubbell, representing a “very high rating in both legal ability & ethical standards.”  

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The first company in the world designed to take entrepreneurs through every step of the creative process, from brilliant idea to robust, mature company.
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