Ideal Marketing Group, Inc. Plans for Holidays, Expansion

The president of Ideal Marketing Group, Inc. detailed plans for the holiday season and capitalizing on market trends. She also discussed the company's goals for future growth and expansion.

​Ideal Marketing Group, Inc.’s leadership team is preparing to make the 2015 holiday season one to remember. “We want to close out the year on a high note,” said Johannah T., the firm’s president. “Our team is getting ready for the hectic final months of the year, and I am confident that they can keep up with the demanding pace.”

Johannah believes setting clear expectations is one key to delivering top-notch results through the holidays. “It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and lose sight of daily objectives,” she noted. “I try to make our goals as clear as possible and keep track of our progress at regular intervals, especially when the season really gets busy. At Ideal Marketing Group, Inc., we don’t want the people behind the brands we promote to worry for one second about our ability to deliver big wins during the holidays or any other time.”

"Social media and smartphones aren't new developments, but they get a little more important every year from a marketing standpoint,"

Johannah T., Company President

The president is also keeping an eye on the marketing trends that will define this holiday season. “Social media and smartphones aren’t new developments, but they get a little more important every year from a marketing standpoint,” Johannah remarked. “Research suggests that mobile devices play a role in nearly 90 percent of buying decisions during the holidays, and social media isn’t far behind. We are dedicated to leveraging both to the benefit of the brands we represent.”

Ideal Marketing Group, Inc.s President Outlines Plans for Future Growth

 Johannah and the rest of the Ideal Marketing Group, Inc. executive team are well into their preparations for 2016. As the president explained, “I want to hire four more campaign managers before the end of the year, and I’m also looking to promote two existing campaign managers to the assistant manager level. Through these efforts, we will ensure further growth and more opportunities for our people, and our firm will continue to prosper.”

Expansion is also a big part of the president’s plans for 2016. She commented, “We’re currently looking into opening new markets in northern Colorado and Wyoming. It’s really an exciting time to be part of the Ideal Marketing Group, Inc. team. We are delivering big wins for the brands we promote, and I know next year will bring even more dramatic success.”

 About Ideal Marketing Group, Inc.

Ideal Marketing Group, Inc. is a team of experienced marketing managers dedicated to helping clients efficiently reach targeted audiences, expand market share, and sustain growth. Ideal Marketing Group, Inc.’s approach is centered on cutting-edge research combined with innovative outreach channels and on-site promotions. Their strategies are designed to deliver exceptional brand representation and memorable promotional experiences, which lead to stronger consumer rapport. The firm’s continued growth is a testament to their abilities to help clients realize their goals. Ideal Marketing Group Inc.’s portfolio includes a wide range of companies and organizations, from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.