IdeaCarrot Launches a New Award-Based Crowdsourcing Website for Innovative Ideas

It's time to bring your brilliant and imaginative ideas into reality

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IdeaCarrot is excited to announce the launch of its new Award-based Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation platform. The company works to connect innovative companies with Creative Crowd, Customers and Employees to generate ideas, exchange insights and work on brainstorming new and innovative products. Providing a platform for Co-creation that is Rewarding and Data-Driven, IdeaCarrot is taking open innovation to new levels.

The IdeaCarrot is a startup company that offers a perfect mix of Collaboration, Open Innovation and Award-based Crowdsourcing for ideas in one easy to use platform. It combines best of internal and external influence to bring innovative products to the market.

The company is thrilled to invite interested companies to partner with it and post contests on its Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing platform so that the brightest minds in the world can participate and come up with the best solutions that are based on the current market needs. By participating in contests, creative people can earn cash prizes, recognition, and experience.

“We’ve all had creative and original ideas at some point. Unfortunately, the process of turning that exceptional idea into a successful business or product seems so daunting. It requires not only production and marketing but also the execution of that particular idea. This means some of the greatest ideas will never turn into actual innovations,” said Kayvan Torabian, CEO and Founder of IdeaCarrot. “We are here to change that by providing a platform for a collaborative partnership that is fun and rewarding. Providing companies with tangible and cost-effective results that are customer-centric and data-driven to help drive growth.”

Sign up from May 3, 2018, and be among the first companies or individual innovator to benefit from what IdeaCarrot has in store.

IdeaCarrot is an award-based crowdsourcing platform for open innovation crowdsourcing and collaboration of ideas. We bring together companies with innovative minds of the crowd, customers, employees and other stakeholders to collaborate, brainstorm, design and build new innovative products.

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Contact: Kayvan Torabian
Phone: 818-928-2881

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